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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Interesting People

Well, I think I have mentioned that Big Sprout has been making friends. It is strangely different from when she was making friends at the apt. I used to get so angry when she would invite kids over to our apt. I didn't want to be responsible for another kid during the day when I was supposed to be sleeping, and having extra kids around always seemed like such a bother.

Now things are really different. The neighbor kids come to the door to see if Big Sprout can play and off they all run to do whatever. They are bouncing between our house, the neighbors', and a house one block back from ours. The kids play in the yard or in the basement family room, and never really seem to get in my way. I love it! It reminds me of when I was a kid, and the neighborhood kids were always knocking on someone's door to ask if they could come out and play. I am just really surprised at how different it is. I figured I was just one of those "boring" moms who didn't like a lot of kids around. Turns out I just don't want them around an apt.

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We have some new staff at work. Ummm....yeah. What a joke. I mean, seriously. One staff speaks very loudly in a very thick african accent, and I can't understand a thing she says. She seems able to do her work, she just can't communicate worth a darn.

Then there is the new gal who works opposite me. She is a lot of fun, but tries to be all tough when she obviously isn't. She already hates Big Boss Lady, which (though I agree with her) does not bode well for the longevity of her position with us. She is also a loudmouth and gets really upset over petty little things. Since working where I do is mostly about dealing with petty annoyances, I figure she won't last very long at all.

Then there is the NEW new girl. Oh, My, Gosh. She has already T'd off everyone she has worked with (and she hasn't even worked 30 hours yet!) and set off several "incidents" with our clients because she doesn't believe us that there are certain ways that you have to do things for folks so incredibly dependent on routine. She is convinced that (though she has never worked in a direct care field) she knows better than those of us who have been there for years what the guys need.


Ah, well....she will learn or leave. It is just frustrating to have to clean up her messes day after day until she chooses which it will be. And it is downright infuriating to be questioned in a snotty, superior attitude by someone who has no idea what it is to deal with autism, OCD, etc. I just wanna shove a dirty sock in her mouth and tie her up in the corner. Maybe I will the next time she ignores my direction and sets off a fit from one of the guys.

Anyway, gotta go....Little Sprout is demanding food.

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Kati said...

Wow.... about the new coworkers. I'm sorry they're not making you workplace any easier to deal with! I hope the nice-but-loudmouthed-girl gets over herself and settles in to become a great employee. And I hope the african woman's accent mellows a bit, so that y'all can communicate more effectively. As for the last girl, I hope she finds a place she's better suited for.

As for the kids running between houses and playing nicely together, isn't that great?!?! I love living in a neighbourhood with a bunch of kids at the same age who get along reasonably well together. Of course, one's child (TAY, specifically) will still find times that they're bored, but less so than when living in an apartment where you're not comfortable with their playmates being around all the time. I think it's having the room to spread out a bit that allows us to be a little more open about sharing it with all the neighbourhood kids. And the ingrained sentamentality of living in a suburb type neighbourhood. It signifies barbeques in the back yard, exchanging goodies (and favors) with the neighbours, and the neighbourhood kids having the run of things. Anyway, glad that BS is fitting in so well!