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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Some People's Kids

K, so I was driving to work one night and on a whim I started flipping through the radio channels. Normally I listen to CDs, but that night I just wanted to see what was available. I managed to come across a talk show where some person (presumably in gov't) was talking about the whole offshore drilling thing and our country's need for cheaper fuel prices.

Of course, being me I didn't listen for long. I DID manage to hear one particular little bit that just blew my mind, though.

This individual was saying that since demand for gasoline has gone down x percent in the last month or so, and gasoline prices have also gone down a little bit, that he was afraid the American Public was going to get the idea that the crisis had been averted and that the answer had been found. He went on to say that the only REAL solution to the oil issue is for us to open up "American Energy Sources for the American People".

Ummmm, sorry, but reducing the demand for oil IS the solution. I mean, we can keep drilling for a non~renewable resource and give ourselves a little breathing room, but the reality is that the only way to SOLVE the problem is to reduce (and if possible eliminate) our dependence on a resource that is finite.

So that's my two cents worth.

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Lisa said...

Hear! Hear! Or is that Here! Here? I'm never sure. But whatevah... you go girl!