And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair. ~ Kahlil Gibran

Monday, August 18, 2008

It's Done

This morning, at about 9:30am, I handed over the keys to our former apt. I officially no longer live there.

I have mixed feelings. I had lived in that town all but a few years of my life. I knew every road, every business, every one. And my parents were only a block away. That was both comfortable and comforting. I know the Sprouts are going to miss having them so close, and I will too. I also have a lot of history with our former apt building. We lived there almost 4 years. Mr. Barefoot and I went through some of the best and worst times of our marriage in that building. Little Sprout came home the very first time to our apt there.

On the other hand.....

Yay! Yayayayayayayaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy! I have a house! A really cute house! It is mine, and I can paint it and put holes in the walls and buy furniture (the real stuff, now) and everything! My Sprout's have a yard, and the neighbors aren't so close they can hear you sneeze. I don't have to listen to the couple upstairs in their amorous moments anymore, and their legion of short elephants will no longer be shaking my chandelier. Now when I open the door to my home, I only smell OUR supper instead of a combination of chinese/italian/steakhouse/what~the~heck~IS~that~smell. I can plan gardens without feeling like I am putting my folks out. I can do laundry without waiting in line and spending a fortune.

All in all, I think it is a good deal. I am starting to feel like my new town is home....just a little. I now know where the important shops are, and am looking forward to discovering all the little secret places that every town has that are "town treasures". Our neighbors so far are great, and Big Sprout is making friends quickly.

So now I promise that this will be the last boring post about the move and all that goes with it. Well, at least for a while. Now that we are actually "in", I am going to be focusing my energies on getting us totally unpacked and organised. Then I can start working on the yard. THEN you will probably be bored silly by all the pictures and plans I will be yapping about. Just bear with me for a while.

I have noticed that I don't seem to have as much time for the 'puter as I did. With the new layout, rooms are spread out a lot more than they were at the apt. It is really hard to watch Little Sprout and sit here at the 'puter at the same time. Don't worry, I will eventually get things back on track. It will just take a bit of adjusting.....

Anywhoooo.....have a great day, all!


Lisa said...

Personally, I'm surprised you have ANY time for being on the computer!! Although I did figure you had fallen into a moving box and someone taped it shut!

Glad your apartment is "past" and your house is "now." What fun you'll have painting and hole-punching!

Now, we need pictures!!

Kati said...

YEAH for having the move-out finalized!!!! I do wish you luck and happiness in becoming comfortable in your new town!

jenny said...

Ha! You made me laugh with that "what the heck IS that smell" line! I spent a good chunk of my life in apartments, too, and after the freedom of living in my own house, I would be hard-pressed to go back! I certainly don't miss the too-loud TVs next door or the cigar smoking, curry eating indian down stairs or lugging the laundry down and up 3 flights of stairs. The last apt we had, there was a family of squirrels the invaded the attic/roof and kept poor hubby awake with all the scratching they were doing RIGHT ABOVE our BEDROOM! I slept like a log though! lol!

RuthieJ said...

That's cool.....I'm so happy for you and the whole Barefoot clan!