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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

The Good News and The Bad News

Yeah, remember that we are trying to buy a house? What a mess, let me tell you.

The bank-hag must have had a great time on her vacation, 'cause when she got back she decided that fixing the roof and the plumbing leak was just a FINE idea. I am so excited. Really, that will save us many $$.

Bad news? Evidently she wants us to put off the closing until.......

wait for it.....

AUGUST 15TH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah, that woman had a few too many Mai Tai's on her lovely little vacation. Has she forgotten that we were supposed to close LAST month?

K, just in case any of you lovely readers have forgotten.....I am a nut-job, remember? Lots of mental/emotional issues that require me to imbibe a multicolored array of pharmaceuticals to keep me functioning semi-normally. Or at least keep me from setting my hair on fire and running naked through the streets.

So how do you think it has been affecting me to have my ENTIRE LIFE up in the air? Hmmmm?! Guess what? It ain't pretty! I am losing my mind, here, and I really don't know how worth it a new roof and a fixed plumbing leak really are.

Here I am, half packed, and they want me to wait over a month like this? Do they figure that I can just put my life on hold and wait for them to do their thing?


So Mr. Barefoot came back with the idea that we could close on the 1st of Aug. Better, but not great. I just don't know, man. I want the roof fixed, but this is getting a little crazy here. I mean, really crazy. We told our building manager we would be out of the apt July 31st. Now of course we have worked it so that we can stay through August, but I wanna have TIME to move. I hate moving all at once like that.

AND the house needs paint and a thorough cleaning. The folks left it in a bit of a mess, so there needs to be some serious cleaning up done.

Double ugh.


Lisa said...

So, does Banker-hag want the roof fixed before you close?? Are you suppose to pay for it??

I'm sorry things are delayed AGIAN! Maybe banker-hag sat on a surfboard skeg and wants to share the pain in the ass with you!

barefoot gardener said...

LOL! Lisa, I love you!

Banker-hag is going to pay for the roof, but they want it done before we close. I don't really get why....I don't understand these people, and they don't wanna share anything more than they need to. Why can't we all just sit down and negotiate all this stuff like civilised folks? We explain our position, they explain theirs, and we work out a compromise where noone is happy?!

Lisa said...

They probably are insisting it is done before closing, so they know it will actually get done. Their appraisal of the property would include the new roof. That way, if you default on the mortgage, or don't close after all, they have a better salable house to list!

RuthieJ said...

Ugh is right. I'm sorry to hear this disappointing news just when things were going so well....

Kati said...

Dang!!!! I hope banker-hag pulls her head out of her @$$ soon, so you can get to settling into your new place. Maybe she's just giving herself extra time incase the job takes longer than it should???? Either way, though, SUCKY!

Hope it doesn't take nearly that long and you can get moved in before the first of August.