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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

I just had a thought...

When we move we can get a dog....then I will no longer have to chase after Little Sprout picking up all the food she throws on the floor. I can just delegate that job to the dog!


Lisa said...

Good idea! Give it the dirty dishes too. Kinda like a pre-rinse cycle!

(I'll be bringing my own paper plates to dinner!)

Wendy said...

Yes, the dog cleaning up after the kid works great ... except with some foods, like grapes :). And then, you have to teach the dog not to steal from Little Sprout, but that's not so hard. My dogs would really like it if my girls would drop more stuff ;).

RuthieJ said...

But Barefoot, then you will have to chase after the dog and pick up poop so the Sprouts don't step in it and track it back into the house--thereby creating more work for you!
Your caring friend who is a Dog Owner and stepped in more dog poop than I care to think about!

barefoot gardener said...

Ooooh, Lisa, you're good! I gotta remember that.

I am more worried about teaching Little Sprout not to GIVE the dog all her food...she loves to feed things, little stinker.

See, now that job would fall under the heading of "Mr. Barefoot's Job"....and if he doesn't do a good job, he will be sleeping with the dog. ;)

barefoot gardener said...

Oh, and Ruthie-
I am getting back to you on that email, but my puter is having some issues with sending emails right now....I think I finally got it fixed now, though

Lisa said...

What Wendy said! No rapes, it gives dogs renal failure. And no chocolate either. But then, really, when has there ever been leftover chocolate to give to the dog??! Hummm???

Not in this house!

barefoot gardener said...

Don't worry about the grape issue, ladies. I do believe Little Sprout would crawl right down a doggie throat to get at one she lost....of course, then I wouldn't have to worry about renal failure, would I? Hah!

*humming to self* "They're coming to take me away Haha...."