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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Drowning My Sorrows in Egg Rolls and Cheesecake

The house thing is not going well.....we found out today that the woman handling our house (it is bank owned) has been on vacation for a week and won't be back 'till Monday. So things are stalled out, even though we were supposed to close last Monday.

I am so depressed. I have been busting my backside for so long to get us in a position where we could afford a house, and I have worked even harder to get time off the weekend of the 11/12th so that we could move in hopes that I would have time to do some much needed cleaning and painting in the new house before we moved anything in there. That is the only weekend we really have this month to move, thanks to Mr. Barefoot's band schedule, and now it will be really tight to get us even through the closing by then, much less have time to get cleaning and painting done. It just doesn't seem fair that some woman gets to go lay on a beach sipping Mai Tai's while my whole life is sitting on a shelf in her office. I mean, really.

I am so not happy.

So I went to the grocery store and I bought egg rolls, cheesecake, chicken kiev, brussels sprouts, bagels/cream cheese, and french fries.

By tomorrow I will have gained about 200lbs, but I feel better already.


Lisa said...

If you swap out the brussels sprouts for the spaghetti squash, I'll be right over for dinner. And breakfast, and lunch.

I am sorry about the house thing. These things never seem to go smoothly. But it will be all so worth in when you finally get in!!

barefoot gardener said...

The spaghetti squash was soooo tasty! Too bad I didn't see your comment till we were all done eating.... ;)