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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

What is in a name?

K, so we have established that I am weird, right?

Good, then this should not shock you all.

I wanna name my house. But I am having trouble coming up with a good one. So I am asking for suggestions.

There are classics like:


But I don't really wanna house name that lots of folks have.

So then I was thinking maybe an anagram of our names....that could be cool, but lots of work looking through all the possibilities.

I found "Satis House" in the book "Great Expectations". I really like that one, as "Satis" means 'enough' and I think that fits the house really well. But Mr. Barefoot doesn't want that one 'cause he thinks that folks will think our name is Satis. He is probably right, there aren't all that many folks who read the classics anymore, so there will be lots of confusion.

Help? Anyone?


Lynne said...

Barefoot Manor?

I don't think it's weird at all.

Lisa said...

Well, i call my place Feet First Farm, 'cause that's about the only way I'll be leaving it! Feet first!!

I like Barefoot Manor!

Oh, and I name all my cars, too!

Em said...

I got no help...but I don't think it is weird at all. I love the idea! We should all do it. Makes our homes feel more like your special place.

Anonymous said...

Try a Welsh house name eg "Min y Nant" The House at the edge of the brook.
There's a Welsh house name generator at

Fr. Peter Doodes said...

Green Gables?

We had friends that called their house Nat West because they said that as the bank owned it they thought they should name it after them. We have seen 'nevermyne' and 'costaplenty' but Barefoot Manor sounds great, as does Feet First Farm.

Our place is called Catslide Cottage. We named it this as the unusual type of roof it has (in this part of the UK) is called a Catslide Roof.

RuthieJ said...

Let's get something straight right now Ms. Barefoot--You're NOT weird! And hey, if you want to name your house, that's your privilege. If I had more of an imagination, I would have done the same thing (like Tara from Gone With the Wind, I always thought that was cool)

barefoot gardener said...

I am so glad you all don't think I am a total flake for wanting to do this.... ;)

Kati said...

Nope. I LOVE the idea of naming a house. So, you're not a flake. Or, if you ARE a flake, you're not the ONLY one who's a flake. *grin* We could call ourselves frosted flakes. (Esp. come Dec. I think we would both qualify well as Frosted Flakes at that point of year.)

But, I've never been very good at naming things, so I can't help ya with picking one for your house. Best of luck, though!

Wendy said...

My homestead is the Wyvern Heath. The name of our homeschool is Wyvern Academy. So, that's where the "wyvern" came from, and a "heath" is a "wild" area on the outskirts of a town. I figure the suburbs are about as "wild" and "on the outskirts of town" that we're going to get these days. So, "heath" :).

I like Barefoot Manor ;).