And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair. ~ Kahlil Gibran

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wondering Why I Bothered....

I went back to work Monday night, only to be informed that I mustmustMUST attend one of the meetings down at the main office regarding "changes to the health insurance". Evidently, my employer (after steadily increasing our premiums and decreasing our coverage over the last 3 years) has decided that, in order to prepare for the coming changes mandated by President Obama's Health Care Reform, they may be dropping all coverage for 12-18 months. I am supposed to attend this meeting to "talk some sense" into the CEO of the company and "let him know what the working folks of this company are up against". Frankly? With the miserable insurance they offer now, I would be better off with nothing. To the tune of 50% of my wage, better off. Yeah, you heard that right. Between taxes and health ins, I lose almost 50% of my wage every pay period. Well, 41.226358%, if you want to be really precise about it. Our deductibles are so high that the insurance never kicks in. So I am paying all this $$ for nothing at this point.


Then I was informed that we will be getting a new client. This one will be a better fit with our existing clients in regards to his cognitive ability, but his physical needs are a little outside what our staff are trained for or comfortable with. Not that it is impossible, just a lot of staff are very uncomfortable with some of the cares we will need to perform for him when he moves in. A lot of them are talking about quitting.

To top off the wonderful night, and the night that followed, I was treated to a general "dumping" of troubles and unhappinesses (yes, that is a word. I just made it up)that have been going on in my absence. Every staff I have been in contact with over the last two days has been telling me how miserable they are, how they are sick of our boss and the job and the way the company seems to be letting us all down.

I am really wondering why I bothered to return to work at all.


Now I am thinking even harder about changing jobs or going back to school or something. Anything.


On the bright side, it rained today. It is nice, since it cleared a bit of the humidity. Let's all kick off our shoes and enjoy the feeling of damp, sweet grass between our toes while we go out and enjoy the garden, huh?


webb said...

A lot on your shoulders after a nice few days off. Thank goodness for good cool, recently-rained-on grass for your bare feet.

Kelli said...

If you went back to school, do you have some ideas of what field you would try to get into?

Sorry about people being poopy butts. (((Hugs)))

barefoot gardener said...

webb- yes, thank goodness

Kelli - That's the problem, I don't have any idea. I really like what I do, and don't really see myself doing much else. I want better money, I want better working conditions, but in order to do that I have to give up doing the direct care that I so enjoy.