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Sunday, June 20, 2010

That Wascawwy Wabbit!!!

I finally got back to the veggie patch to see how things were progressing, and I was absolutely horrified to see that a nasty old rabbit had eaten all my peppers down to the ground, two of my tomatoes were toast, and all my brassicas are nibbled down to the last set of leaves.

I am beyond mad.

Luckily, the nurseries around here are having big sales on all their left-over veggies, so I will most likely be able to buy replacements for cheap.

On the happy side, my carrot seed germinated for the first time ever! We will have carrots, if that dang rabbit doesn't munch them, too.

I ran over to Dad's to pick up the fence stakes so that I can fence in my poor little munched on garden, and we found that the Snap Peas were ready to pick! Actually, they should have been picked a couple days ago, but they aren't too far for picking yet and we had a blast eating them straight off the plant! I brought home a small bag full of radishes and snap peas for Little Sprout, and tomorrow (while the kids are at summer day camp) I will be heading out to Mom and Dad's to finish the picking and do some serious weeding.

Note to self: Do not, under any circumstances, go on vacation during planting time EVER AGAIN!!!!!!!

I am trying to figure out how to plan next year's vacation and garden already. I know there is no way the Sprouts will tolerate being left behind while Mr. Barefoot goes to visit family next year (they love Grandma J and Grandpa D too much!), but I don't want to miss my gardening every year, either. If we go to CA earlier in the year, Big Sprout will be missing school to go. If we go later in the year, it messes with my gardening.

What to do?!

Maybe if we go to CA really early in the year, like Easter Break, it might work out better. I dunno.


Why can't CA be closer to MN?

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webb said...

Fence! It goes a long way toward keeping out the wabbits even when you are not home. Sorry you lost so much, but then wrabbits are critters, too. Enjoy tomorrow with the sprouts in camp and a day to yourself - sorta.