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Friday, April 02, 2010

You Could Knock Me Over With A Feather

Mr. Barefoot came home yesterday to find me busily mowing up leaves with a borrowed bagger-mower. We have a mulching mower, and with the volume of leaves our trees produce every year there is NO WAY we could just mulch them into the ground. So I got my Wonderful Daddy's lawn mower with the bag attachment and started raking out the piles of leaves and mowing them up. I made a lot of progress, and the theory is that since the leaves are being chopped up and put in the compost pile that they will break down faster.

That's the theory, anyway.

So Mr. Barefoot came out and saw me covered in sweat, dust and leaf bits. He then proceeds to tell me that he has decided that he wants to fill up the yard with hardscaping and flower beds because we have really cruddy grass here and he doesn't think it is fixable.

I could have died from the shock.

He is right. With all our pine trees and an infestation of ground ivy, our grass is in miserable shape. I had tried talking him into letting me fill up the areas where we wouldn't be able to get good grass growing with hostas and fun little sitting areas last year, and he gave me the old "I want my lawn to look like a golf course" speech.

This year, he wants me to cover up the areas that don't have an option for pretty grass so that he can devote more time and energy to making the grass we DO have as beautiful as possible.

I am in shock.

And I learned something. If I know I am right, I need to get the idea in Mr. Barefoot's head a FULL YEAR before I actually want him on board and actively helping. Evidently, it takes him that long to mull over my ideas and decide that they have some merit.

The funniest part of the whole thing? He spent hours last night researching cheap and beautiful ways to re-do our fire pit. That is usually my job!!!

This is going to be an interesting season....

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Kelli said...

Tee hee . . . yippeeeeeeee! I find the same thing. DH is supportive of my ideas, just needs his time to get used to them in some cases.