And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair. ~ Kahlil Gibran

Thursday, April 01, 2010

One Project Down....

....and about 700 to go.

Mom and Dad came over today. Dad helped me put in the compost bins, and Mom kept the Sprouts out of our hair. I don't know which parent to thank more, since I am not quite sure which job took more effort!

Anyway. I love the bins. They may not be fancy, but now I can get the monumental piles of leaves out of my lawn and somewhere contained. *happy sigh* I am so stinking tired of leaves, folks. They are EVERYWHERE, and they seem to be breeding. The knowledge that I only have a few months grace before they start falling from the trees again just makes me curl into the fetal position and pray for the end of the world. I guess I wouldn't mind so much if I had a place out in the country with a couple hundred acres. I could shove the leaves in the woods out of sight, and everything would be just fine. But no. I have to live in town on this tiny little lot where every single inch of ground is precious. This means I have no room to fool around with all this tree poop. And that is the way I am thinking of it. Dead leaves are tree poop.

Now you know I have lost my mind.

That is okay.

Anyway. My tulips are all in full bloom IN THE HOUSE, and I am finally getting to the point that I can look around the yard and figure out where to plant them. I am pondering a few new flower beds (watch Mr. Barefoot lose his cool over THAT particular idea!), and have to set up a time with Bro and Dad to head up to Uncle Wire's place and steal rock. I need rock. Lots of rock.

Is it stealing if you have permission?

I also have to figure out what to do with all of the flowers, etc that I have over at Mom's place. She doesn't seem to want them, which is great, but I am not quite sure where to stick them over here..... that is why I need more flower beds. And that is why Mr. Barefoot is going to blow his top.

Gosh, I love marriage. You get to torture people legally. It's a blast, seriously.

So. The house is now quiet. Little Sprout finally fell asleep. I am ready to go back outside and start the gargantuan task of moving all these leaves into the compost bins. Tomorrow? Planting the cold hardy stuff.

I am loving my life!

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Finding Pam said...

You are so funny! This post had me laughing about torturing your spouse legally. I am sure my Hubs would say the same about me.

In our former home, we had tons of large water oak tree leaves and it took me forever to rake them all up, mulch them and move them to our mulch pile.

It was some kind of good dirt. In our new home we have pin oaks but the trees are farther spaced away from the house. I really like this a lot better.

Keep planting those ideas in your husband's mind. Let him think it was his idea. LOL