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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Garden Procrastination Already??

Yeah, folks. I should be working out in the yard right now. It is a gorgeous day, warm and delightfully smelling of Spring. I just can't seem to get up the energy to do anything, though. Last night at work was one of those days when I got into wrestling matches with a couple of the guys, and though I got 6 hours of sleep (a miracle!) yesterday, all that hassle just drained all my juice! I promised Little Sprout that we would put the peas in this week, and I have seeds to start indoors. *sigh*

I really hope that this isn't a sign of the way my year will go. I did manage to talk to Mom about the changes we are making in her yard this morning. We spent about an hour chatting about what flowers she wants to keep, and which she wants gone..... talking about what to do with the woefully neglected flower beds. I have a lot of work ahead of me over there, but I owe it to Mom for letting me dig in her dirt for all these years.

Dad has also committed to following my garden plan this year when we plant. The ironic part is that I had given up on making garden plans, since we never ended up following them! So I think I will spend the afternoon (or at least until Little Sprout can be convinced to nap) with some graph paper and my list of veggies. Of course, I could probably just pull one of the old plans out of my gardening notebook and use that.... hmmmmmm. Now that is an idea. Work smarter, not harder... right?

I am planning to use some of our Yukon Gold potatoes for seed this year. They stored amazingly well in the unheated back room, and are still quite sound. I have never kept seed or planted from my own potatoes before, so this will be an adventure. I am looking forward to seeing how the whole thing pans out for us! I could be a little more excited about it if I wasn't so tired.

I keep feeling like I am forgetting something for the garden. I look over my list of seeds, and I can't find the hole in my preparations, but there is just this nagging feeling that it shouldn't be this easy. My kitchen tulips are actually blooming indoors, and the seeds I started have all sprouted so far. Things are going a little too smoothly, and I don't trust it. Putting my whole garden in for $40 in seed? Too easy. Not loosing all my seedlings to the cat? Impossible! 4 hosta, 4 daylily, and a bunch of misc annuals for $12? It can't be!

Seriously. If gardening is really going to be this easy this year, I will have no excuses to not have a perfect garden!


Deb said...

How about this: I have not ordered any seeds yet, and I need to order onion transplants soon! I'm going to try my luck planting leftover potatoes from last year too. I did get out and plant some greens today! In March- wow!

barefoot gardener said...

Ouch! It might be better to just go to a local garden center for the seeds at this point.... will you even be able to get them delivered in time to start anything???