And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair. ~ Kahlil Gibran

Saturday, March 27, 2010

We're Rich!

Yesterday, Mr. Barefoot brought home our meat order from the local butcher. We ordered 1/2 of 1/2 beef and a full hog. Holy Cow and Pig!!!!! Our freezer, all 27 cu ft of it, is full to the very top with meat and leftover veggies from last year's garden. Seriously. If I could find my camera cord, I would post a pic of the entire thing packed so tight that the lid barely closes. I am so incredibly happy! There is something so satisfying about a full freezer and pantry.

In other news, they burned the house next to us today. They started around 9am, and it is still burning now, at 9pm. I am sorry to see the house go, not because I liked the house so much, but because now they are going to build two homes on that same lot. I already have an issue with feeling like folks are looking at me over the fence from the houses around us, and now I will have TWO houses full of windows looking at me from that side of the yard.


Big Sprout spent last night at her church for a church club lock in. She came home this morning after only a few hours sleep, and has been exhausted and slightly cranky all day. Now she has fallen asleep on the living room floor, in the middle of Movie Night. I can't decide if she would be happier if I woke her or if I let her sleep....

Otherwise, things are rolling along just fine here at the Barefoot Manor. I continue to plan my gardens for the year, and I haven't even killed any of the hostas and seedlings I have growing in the house. It is a miracle, I swear!



Fr. Peter Doodes said...

Barefoot, what actually happened to the house next door? Did they really burn it?

Sorry to sound a bit hazy about this but for us in the UK to 'burn' a house seems rather drastic.

Deb said...

I am so jealous of your freezer! We've had beef quarters and I think half a hog at one time. Just gotta save up the money to buy it all at once. There are no good butcher shops in this area, The Hermit is even thinking of making a road trip to Pierz to stock up on meat.

barefoot gardener said...

Fr. Peter - I will answer with an actual post, since the story and explination are getting long... ;)

Deb - Craigslist, baby! Our freezer is probably almost 30 yrs old, but we found it on craigslist for FREE last year. I honestly think it is the best thing we have gotten since moving here to Barefoot Manor. I can fit SO MUCH food in it! I just love it to death, and am terrified of the day that it dies... :)

Caroline Davoust said...

I'm sure if neighbors are looking at you gardening it is with deep admiration and envy for your gardening skills. :)