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Saturday, January 02, 2010

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity-Jog

Big Sprout is home again, after a few days visiting with her Bio-Dad's family. She didn't seem happy to leave her cousins, but DID seem happy to see me, which made me feel good. I miss her so terribly when she is gone for a few days!

She isn't very talkative about what she does when she isn't home. She does it with everything. School, camp, whatever. She will be away from home for hours or days, and come home without a single story to tell. She definitely does not get that from me. I mean, I could spend a day alone in an empty room and come out with 50 stories to tell! It makes it hard to be a good mom and ask the right questions about her little vacations. Today I asked her if she had a good time. She smiled and replied in the affirmative. So I asked what they did while she was down visiting. Her answer? A shrug of the shoulders. GAH!

In other news, Little Sprout has been really REALLY enjoying all the bath toys she got for Xmas. Yesterday the little stinker spent over an hour playing in the rapidly cooling water! Her favorite, hands down, is a package of tub crayons. She colored the tile on the wall, and covered every inch of that tub with multi-colored scribbles and swirls. At one point, she was in there yelling "Help me! Help me!" Turns out one of her little toy sharks was going after the toy seals and duckies. Thank goodness they all swam to safety.


The seed catalogs have been rolling in, and my little gardener's heart has been going pitter-pat over all the beautiful pictures. My mind is swimming with plans for the yard and garden this coming year. Eternal optimist that I am, I truly believe that this will be the year when I have everything under control. There will be no weeds, the house will look perfect, I will can/dry/freeze a year's worth of produce out of my little veggie patch. I am planning on transplanting some raspberry canes (stolen - with permission - from work) in the yard, and hope to get some asparagus planted. Of course, there are a million little chores that need doing around the place, but those aren't nearly as much fun to think about.

Seed catalogs are my lifeline in the cold, dreary winter months. I often fall asleep with a pile of them on the bed next to me and visions of lush flower beds and crunchy fresh veggies swimming in my head. Winter in MN is just so...... wintery.

The temps have been a bit below zero every morning for the last few days around here. Not officially, maybe, but according to the temp-ometer (my own special word) it has been. I don't like it. I don't like the snow all over everything, I don't like the ice on the roads.

I like winter fashion, though. Sweaters and boots and hats, oh my! I do like that about winter. I like the wool socks and the fuzzy slippers. I like curling up under a thick blanket and feeling all warm and snug when the wind and snow are blowing outside the window.

And of course, there are the garden dreams. They are usually better than the real thing, since they don't involve sweat or bugs.....

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Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

It might just be an age thing with Big Sprout. My Molly at that age (and still sometimes) was secretive about time away from me. I think it was a control thing.

I haven't commented in a while but I still read all your posts. Happy New Year to you and all at Barefoot Manor!

It's seventeen below here this morning....ACK!!