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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Santa Claus and a Fox Red Labrador

Yesterday, I had to take Little Sprout with me to the store in search of diapers. (yes, she is 3 yrs old and refuses to potty train. Don't rub it in...)

As we were wandering through the store, we walked past the Xmas decorations that are already out. Little Sprout became very excited, and promptly turned my ears red by exclaiming "oh, my GOD! It's a SANTA STORE!!!!!!"

I wanted to crawl into a hole. Instead, I patiently walked her up and down all the aisles of ornaments, angels, stockings, and snow villages. She really liked the displays of snow village houses. It took a lot of work to pry her away from them.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Later in the day, I took Big Sprout over to my friend Loop's house. Loop and her husband just recently moved to a house just a couple of miles from us, and poor Big Sprout hadn't seen the house yet. She loves Loop and her hubby Mr. P, so I figured I had to get her over for a short little visit.

Loop and Mr. P have a beautiful Red Fox Lab that was rescued from a puppy mill. Big Sprout fell in love at first sight. The lab has some emotional issues from her life at the mill. She is very affection seeking and so submissive that it is painful to watch her. I am glad that she has found a good home with my friends.

Big Sprout immediately dropped to the floor to play with the dog, cooing and rubbing the dog's belly. It was so cute! Then I realised that we have to consider getting a red lab for our very own. If you notice, Big Sprout's hair is almost the exact color of a red lab's coat! Red Labs aren't cheap, though, and I tend to not like pure-bred animals. They have too many health issues. Give me a good old fashioned mutt any day! Still, when we finally get around to looking for a dog, I will definitely want one that has some red lab in it. Too beautiful!


Kelli said...

I went to look on about this breed of dog and did not find it listed, but maybe you know an alternative name. Cuties (dog and Sprouts)

barefoot gardener said...

Hiya, Kelli-

They say that reds are just the darkest yellow lab you can get. I don't know how correct this info is, as I had never heard of a red lab before Loop and Mr. P introduced me to theirs. I did find lots of breeders who specialise in red labs when I did a quick google search, though....

Lisa said...

Love the kids, love the dog!

As for Lil Sprout and the dipes, I had "one of those" kids too, but found that just a few days wearing cloth diapers soon convinced them that potty training was much less uncomfortable!!

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