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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Premonition of Doom

Remember when I woke up and thought that I had missed getting Big Sprout and her friend to choir? It turns out that it wasn't just a mistake, it was a PREMONITION OF DOOM.

This morning I awoke to Big Sprout opening my bedroom door and timidly asking if I was awake. I grumbled something about not wanting to be. Then Big Sprout (again, timidly ~ I am a little scary when I first wake up) informed me that it was almost 7:30. On a Tuesday.

I jumped out of bed with the same enthusiasm I would have if a red~hot poker had been introduced to my backside.

"It's 7:30?! On a TUESDAY?!!!!!" I screeched. "Get your stuff and get out to the car! Grab the baby! No, wait, grab her bag! I will grab the baby! Where are my keys! Where is my purse! Don't just stand there....MOVE!!!!"

It took approximately one minute to change Little Sprout's diaper, shove her into boots and a coat, and run out the door. I prayed fervently that the local police would be getting their morning McMuffins as I pulled out of the driveway and sped down the road to pick up Big Sprout's Friend. (the girl seriously needs a bloggy name if she is going to keep hijacking my blog like this) The Sprouts helpfully held down the miscellaneous loose articles in the car as I screeched around corners and basically drove like a NASCAR driver in hopes of making up time.

I somehow managed to get the kids to the school just in time to raise their (seriously out of tune) voices to the rafters of their beloved school. Just don't tell Friend's Mom that I drove like that with her kid in the car.

You know, I am quickly coming to hate Tuesdays...

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