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Friday, November 20, 2009

Lovin' Those Thanksgiving Sales

I am shameless. I know it. I am taking terrible advantage of the grocery store sales going on in my area now that Thanksgiving is fast approaching.

This week has been AMAZING for sales. I found turkeys for $.37/lb, pork for $.99/lb, 5lb bags of taters for $.68/ has been awesome! The problem with all these sales is that they usually have limits on them. Like the store selling the turkeys clearly stated "2 per customer". What was I to do?! I took my two turkeys out to the car, then headed back in for more.

And don't you judge, cuz I wasn't the only one doing it. We actually were all kinda laughing about it as we passed each other going in and out of the store.

The best part was walking out of the local grocery store and looking at my reciept. Right there, in black and white, it showed that I had spent $20.64 and SAVED over $21! I had to call my mom at that point and gloat a little.

Our cupboards had been getting a little bare here at Barefoot Manor, so since today was payday I spent every spare penny I had on filling up the freezer and cupboards. Now I am hoping to get back to my coupon clipping, stockpiling ways. It is a lot of fun to play the shopping game and win! And that is the way I have come to look at it. Things are getting so expensive, and my wage is nowhere near keeping up. So I have made it a game to get the most food I can for the lowest price.

I suppose I am tapping into the old "hunter-gatherer" instincts.

Anyway, I am feeling pretty darn good about myself and my full freezer, and I thought I would share....


Finding Pam said...

You did excellent! Can you hear my applause?

barefoot gardener said...

I can hear it! *takes a bow*

RuthieJ said...

Good for you Barefoot!
A full freezer and pantry sure gives us something to be extra thankful for!

Kelli said...

We were just talking about this, too. We just got a 7 cu. ft. freezer with our wedding money. Having grown up in a house where food languished for decades at the bottom of a huge chest freezer, I didn't see the point of a biggie for two people. Well, the point of that is that we won't be able to store turkeys, but we are thinking of hitting up the sales for pumpkin (which we love and use year round) and frozen veggies, which I love for lunches and quick sides. We can definitely fit a lot of frozen veggies :)

barefoot gardener said...

Ruthie- you ain't kiddin'! I get really edgy and cranky when I don't have lots of food stored around the house.

That is a good plan! I know I have been having trouble keeping our (25+ cu ft) chest freezer organized and rotating the stuff in it. We need something that big, though, due to hunting and buying our meat in bulk (last year we bought a 1/4 cow and 1/2 hog). Good luck with stocking your freezer!