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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

It Blows My Mind

I have been thinking about a certain little bit of foolishness that I heard on the radio, and I just have to say my piece about it.

It was one of those political talk radio programs that are meant to make your blood boil. You know the type. The host is fabulous at pointing out everything wrong with the country, but miraculously manages to never once come up with a solution for whatever happens to be the gripe of the day.


On this particular day, this individual said that it is his RIGHT as an AMERICAN CITIZEN to go into debt. He said that the Obama Administration, in urging Americans to live within their means, are trying to FORCE him into a SUBSTANDARD way of life.

Good Grief.

Here is the thing. I am all for the American Dream, pulling yourself up by your bootstraps, Life, Liberty, the Pursuit of Happy Meals, and all that stuff. Really, I am.


It is absolute idiocy to think of going into debt as a personal right. I mean, seriously, folks. I doubt very much that the Founding Fathers, while working on the Declaration of Independence, ever once thought that racking up a huge VISA bill was one of those "inalienable rights" that they were so concerned with.

We here at Barefoot Manor live almost completely within our means. Do we have debt? Yes. We have a mortgage, and financed my car. We also have a mountain of medical bills (thanks, step-kids). For the rest of our spending, we live entirely on what we can afford to pay in CASH. Yeah, remember that stuff? The green paper and little shiny metal objects. You know it, I am sure you have seen it before.

I in no way believe our lives to be SUBSTANDARD. I mean, what an insult! I will admit that we don't dress in high fashion, and that lobster or steak is a rare treat around here. Still, we have a home that is warm and welcoming. We have reliable vehicles. We are never hungry. We have enough for the occasional trip to the movies or night on the town. Would I like to be able to just go out and buy everything that catches my fancy? Yup. Would I like to have the $$ available so that I would never have to say 'no' to my kids? Of course. But we are just fine.

I can't even imagine living a life where everything went on a credit card, and only the minimum payment was made every month. I get the heebie-jeebies just thinking about owing some nameless corporation that kind of money.

Not that I am judging those folks who have found themselves doing that very thing. I totally understand that society has made that very acceptable for the average Joe. I just have never been able to stomach the idea.

Okay. I have vented. I feel better now.


Wendy said...

Interestingly, it wasn't so very long ago that being unable to pay one's debt landed said person in jail. In fact, being in debt, even for things like a house and a car, was considered irresponsible.

Interesting how times have changed.

Finding Pam said...

Are you sure you got that out of your system? I agree with you.

It is crazy insane to live so beyond one's means.

Lisa said...

Quit listening to talk radio...duh! I only listen to the Spanish talk radio, cuz I can't understand it so it doesn't upset me!!

Anonymous said...

I think maybe what the point was that there is already way too much government in our lives, telling us what to do and babysitting us almost every minute of every day. Why should the government have the right to tell us what we can spend our money on. That's what I think the talk radio person was trying to say.