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Monday, December 22, 2008

What Happened Here?!

Yikes! I haven't been around for almost a week! Sorry, folks, life just got away from me for a few days there.

Little Sprout has been coming up with lots of cute little sayings lately. It is a lot of fun to listen to her parrot back things that we say to her. Of course, it is also a wake up call. The other day Grandpa Barefoot picked her up to carry her through the parking lot at the pharmacy (she was dawdling and there were cars coming), and she piped up with "Get off of me!".

Yeah, I am the one who taught her that. Oops.

We had Mr. Barefoot's family over this past Sunday to celebrate the season. Everyone commented on how many trees I have decorated through the house. I am not sure if they liked it or if they thought that I was just a little nuts. Not that I care. I like it, and I am the one who lives with it, so they can just deal. On that side of the family, the gift exchange is limited to the little kids, and we draw names. I like it. None of the kids have so many gifts that they ignore one in favor of another, and everyone saves a bit of money. On top of it all, if you only have one or two kids to buy for you can spend a little extra and get them something they will really like. Too often, when $$ is short, kids end up getting gifts that aren't really thought out. It is cheap, so they get it. No good.

My Mom totalled out her car on Saturday. She was on the way to visit my Grandmother in a snowstorm, and lost control. I guess she bounced off a guard rail and basically ripped the front of her car right off. She loved that car. She is fine...just shook up and mourning the loss of her vehicle and the independence that comes with being able to pick up and go whenever you like.

Mr. Barefoot and I went out Saturday night to finish up our Holiday Shopping. I was very surprised that there were so few people in the stores. I figured that the last Saturday before Christmas would be a madhouse. Nope. Most of the people we saw in the stores weren't even holiday shopping. They were just buying the regular stuff that folks always buy for around the house. It was unsettling. I have also noticed that all the stores are packed on Payday, and then empty for the rest of the week.

I am thanking my lucky stars that I have a job in a line of work that will always be in demand. Mom and I were talking about it today, and even in the worst case scenarios there will always be people who need qualified care. I will be able to work for barter, if nothing else.

I feel icky just thinking about it

Tonight is my last night at work until Friday, and I am very much looking forward to spending time with my family.

That is about it...I have lots more to say, but I have got to go find out what you all have been up to!

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RuthieJ said...

Hi Barefoot,
Since I make most of my gifts, I have very little shopping to do, but I did get up early last Saturday morning and ran around for a couple hours doing my grocery shopping and last minute gift buying. In spite of the early hour and crappy weather, I was surprised the stores here in Rochester were quite packed and there was lots of traffic streaming into town from the south.
I'm sorry to hear about your Mom's accident, but glad she wasn't hurt.