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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Evil Mommy

Little Sprout has been messing with the plug-ins for the Tree Lights since I got the trees up. It has been very irritating, because my "mommy-sense" keeps telling me that it is not safe for her to constantly plug in and unplug the lights.

Yesterday, my mommy-sense was proven right. Little Sprout had been munching on some dried fruit for a snack and managed to slobber all over her fingers. Then she went over to play with the electrical outlet. Somehow or other she managed to get her wet little fingers on the prongs of the doo-hickey while they were still in the outlet, and she got quite the shock.

I laughed.

Oh, I know I probably shouldn't have. She could have been really hurt. She was crying so loud and yelling at the outlet, though, and it just came off as silly.

I guess I won't have to worry about her messing with the outlets anymore, huh?


Lisa said...

Some kids just need to learn this way!! LOL

The Thinker said...

You're right! You probably won't. My older son (now 19, when he was two unplugged and plugged in a vacuum cleaner for me--without being asked--and shocked his fingers the same way.

That was the very last time that has ever happened.

Kati said...

*chuckle* I hope she learnt her lesson without any REAL lingering pain! Tay was quite bad about not listening to me about not reaching for the stove-top when she was a little girl. One time (about 2 years old) she touched a burner as I'd taken something off it and turned away for a moment. Had second degree burns on her poor little finger-tips. Not bad enough for an ER visit, but quite enough to keep her careful to this day! (Cold running water, some aloe gel, and lots of mommy-kisses soothed the burning.)

Hope you're having a beautiful Christmas season in your new home!!!

jenny said...

I'm evil mommy, too. I think being deaf, I depend so much on facial expressions and I cannot hear the cries or the shouts of pain, that sometimes, I laugh when the kids hurt themselves. I'm not laughing at their pain, it's the faces they make that are funny and I have to stifle a laugh while I check and make sure they are fine and/or kiss their boo-boos.

There have been plenty of: "hahahah-- oh sh*t, blood!"

Haven't had any plug shocks that I know about with the girls. They leave the plugs alone, so for all I know, they might have already got a shock and I didn't hear it!

Kati said...

Barefoot, just stopping by to wish you a (slightly belated) Blessed Yule!