And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair. ~ Kahlil Gibran

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Now THIS Is a MN Winter Like I Remember!

See all this snow? Yeah, this pile of snow is chest high on me. I can normally walk UNDER those tree branches.

And this stuff, too? Yeah, Mr. Barefoot is not taking very good care of his grill this year.

THIS is the way I remember winters from my childhood. Tons of snow, cold as...well, we will just leave it at pretty cold, and all sorts of crazy windchill factor talk. Trash bin on left shows actual snowfall. Trash bin on right is under the garage eaves.

I mean, this is the way it is SUPPOSED to be. I remember when boots and snowsuits were FASHIONABLE. Well, not really....but they were a definite necessity! Notice how the snow in the yard is level with the top step going into the house? Yee haw!
Today, like a typical MN native, I did not let the crappy roads and low visibility stop me from running all over three towns to run errands. Of course, I think I invented a few cuss words while I was driving (NOTE TO ALL MN DRIVERS: IF IT IS SNOWING AND THE ROADS ARE BAD, PUT YOUR STINKING LIGHTS ON!!!!! NOONE CAN SEE YOU OTHERWISE!!!!!). It was the kind of driving where you cruise along at 40 MPH on the highway and figure you are doing fine if you aren't hearing the brrrrrrrrt of the rumble strip under your tires.

When I got home, I shoveled....and shoveled.....AND SHOVELED. I only have half of the driveway done, but I am quitting for the day. I worked last night, and even did some Tai Chi (fun stuff, that), and I am worn out.

I am thinking about moving somewhere a little warmer. But then I will have to worry about tornadoes or hurricanes or having the entire state just crash into the ocean. Worse, I might have to deal with alligators or big spiders. Yuck.

No, I figure I am a MN lifer. I will be doing the penguin walk across icy parking lots until I die. I might even start storing up old folk stories now so that I can get all the wrinkles worked out of them before I am old and need them. Can't you just hear me?

"You think this is cold?! BAH! Why, I remember back in the winter of Oh Eight....."



Finding Pam said...

I would gladly trade some of this hot weather for a few inches of snow. We can't stay well because one day it is 70 and the next it is 27. Wish it would do one thing or another. How are your critters, especially your chickens?

Finding Pam said...

oh, wait, you don't have chickens, I am thinking of Throwback at Trapper Creek. Sorry... I think I have done this before.:(

RuthieJ said...

Wow, Barefoot, you guys do have A LOT of snow. Most of ours melted in that couple day thaw we had around Christmas. And it sounds like you'll be getting more Saturday......

Kati said...

*grin* We're having one of those "Now THIS is more like it...." winters as well. The snow has been adequate, the cold is what I recall growing up. Not really PLEASANT, but certainly enough to make one hope that the climate shift is readjusting to "normal". What's really ironic though is that every year, even those of us who've lived here for 20, 30 and more years are heard to mutter the phrase "I can't believe how cold it is!!!!", as if it's REALLY new. Today my hubby was showing astonishment that one of the villages just outside of town reported a temp of -52 last night. *pretend gasp* SHOCKER! Not really. One of my coworkers recalled the winter of '86 (I was what, 3rd grade that year?) in which we had 3 weeks of -45 and colder temps, with FAIRBANKS temps actually dropping to -60 for about a day. Yeah. It's TRADITIONAL to get that cold every year, and yet us "sourdoughs" seem shocked. (Not that I'm REALLY a sourdough. I'll need to be about 60 before I qualify for that status. But I'm no chechako either!)

Anyway, glad to see you're place is having a "REAL" winter this year. Unpleasantries and all, it's at least a stab back against global warming. Enough winters like this, and we may stop hearing about astonishing ice-pack melt in the Arctic.