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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Why Me?!

Oh, my goodness.....what a day so far.

So far I have spent my day cleaning up after Big Sprout. She is a pig. She droppes wrappers everywhere, makes messes all over the counters, drops her belongings wherever she happens to be.

She was playing with her friends in the house earlier, and they did something to Mr. Barefoot's laptop. It took me hours to get the darn thing to boot up, and I am still not sure what was wrong or what I did to fix it.

Little Sprout somehow got her grubby little hands on a writing utensil and wrote all over the walls and movie cabinet in the basement.

Little Sprout shredded an entire pack of cigarettes (unopened and in my purse, of all things) while I was loading the dishwasher with all the dishes that Big Sprout throws in the sink and leaves without the benefit of even a rinsing.

I have had to call Big Sprout's new school about her school supplies since the list we got was WRONG.

I am all hot and sweaty, with no a/c (our choice) to help me out in the heat and humidity.

Little Sprout has been suffering from the effects of too many tomatoes. Through the raw bottom and constantly filling her diaper, she still manages to point at the 'maters on the counter and scream that she wants one. I have tried hiding them to no avail. So it is nasty diapers and screaming for me until tomato season is over, I guess.

Big Sprout's attitude is unimproved. I have been dealing with eye~rolling and exasperated sighs all day.

I haven't decided if I am going to send them away to a military school or if I will just invest in shock collars, but something is gonna have to give. All I want is a few hours of peace to get things unpacked and organised. I mean, is that so much to ask? Really? Of course, I could just throw away everything that is as yet unpacked. That solution to the issue is becoming more and more appealing as time goes on.

Ah, well. This, too, shall pass. I hope.

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