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Monday, May 05, 2008

What a Weekend!

I worked this past weekend, and also hosted a small get-together for my folks' birthdays. It was a busy time, but so worth it to have my family over and just spend some time visiting.

On Saturday, one of the teeth that my dentist fixed over the winter broke. So I have to give him a call to get it all fixed up again. Until then I am having to deal with sharp shards of tooth scraping my tongue bloody and food insistently migrating into the hole left by the missing material. Yuck.

I had Little Sprout out in the yard for hours yesterday, and totally forgot to put sunscreen on her. Her poor little cheeks were so terribly red last night that I was sure she was going to never fall asleep from the pain. But she did, and today you can't even tell she was ever pink! She must be more than her Dad than I thought. Mr. Barefoot never really burns, though I burn after about 15 minutes. I am glad she isn't hurting, though.

Mr. Barefoot and I have been thinking about what house to get, and will hopefully be making an offer on something when he gets back from CA.

Speaking of CA, Mr. Barefoot leaves Thursday morning, so I only have one more day of my full time job before I get 10 whole days off. I will still be working my other two jobs, but that is fine. They are much more pleasant than my full time job, and will keep me from getting bored.

I did manage to get my peas in the garden, and have my onions and potatoes (as well as a few other things) ready to go in. I just have to find the time to make all this happen.

So that is my update! Have a great Day!

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Lisa said...

Sounds like you've been busy!! Yeah for getting the peas started! I have a feeling that with the Mr. gone, you will find more time to spend in the garden and eat PB&J for dinner! That's what I do!