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Monday, May 05, 2008

So What Would You Give Up?

K, folks. Wendy had this up at her place, and I thought it sounded like a pretty cool deal.

What Would I Be Willing To Give Up?

So, here's the challenge:
1. Answer the question.
2. Choose ten things about your typical Western lifestyle that you'd be willing to give up to keep ten other things about your typical Western lifestyle.
3. Post them on your blog so that others can see your list and create their own.

And, now the most important part,

4. Write a letter to your "leaders."

Maybe if they see that we are willing to make some changes, they will start making changes, too, and maybe there are things that our government can do (besides slapping a Band-Aid on a sucking chest wound) to help us.

Maybe if they knew there were a lot of us who'd be willing to give up our cars if there were safer routes for bike travel, for example, they would try to develop that infrastructure.

That's my challenge. We'll call it the in medio stat virtus challenge. If we can get everyone ... or at least the majority of us "regular" people (I mean, seriously, I'm not going to hold my breath waiting for Britney Spears to "go green" ... unless by "green" we mean the color she turns after a night on the town) ... to commit to virtualizing on some middle ground between complete deprivation and complete hedonism, AND get those people to contact their Senators and Representatives (at both the Federal and State levels), maybe the Powers That Be will hear us.

Ok, so my list.....

1. I would give up my flush toilet for a composting toilet to keep hot showers

2. I would give up A/C to keep my internet

3. I would give up electric lights to keep my washing machine.

4. I would give up my dishwasher to keep my refrigerator.

5. I would give up fresh fruit in winter to keep my breads and pasta

I am going to have to leave it at that. I have been having trouble with this list, as I am so terribly distracted by other things going on in life. Don't be shocked, though, if the list magically gets longer as I think of things....:)

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