And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair. ~ Kahlil Gibran

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

A Mother's Pride

Little Sprout planted her first onions today. Oh, I am so proud of her! She was playing in the yard while my Dad hauled compost to the raised beds and I planted onions. Pretty soon she was doing the "Little Kid Squat" next to me watching what I was doing with that intent look only littles can get. I dropped one of the sets, and she picked it up quick as lightning and poked it into the dirt.

I just about fell over.

I handed her another and another, each getting poked into the dirt and carefully covered by her chubby little toddler fingers. After each onion was planted, she would clap her hands and cheer just the same as I had done after the first one.

It was fabulous. I wish I had pictures, but of course the camera was here at my apt.

She managed to plant about half a dozen sets before she decided that they looked tasty. Then she started digging them back up to munch on them. What a girl! Just like her mommy, loving onions so much.

Now she is sound asleep, after a morning of errand running with Grandpa and all that hard yard work she did.

What a perfect Mommy-Moment!


Kati said...

*grin* Glad you had some planting fun with your little girly!!! How fabulous that she enjoyed planting the onions so much. I hope the excitement stays with her the rest of her life.

jenny said...

Awww!! I love when the kiddies help in the garden. I had mine helping plant snow peas and radishes the other day!

By the way, I am FINALLY done with your Thank you package and will send that off this week. I'm sorry it took me so long! xo

Lisa said...

Little Sprout has brought tears to my eyes! A born gardener! Or maybe it was just the vapors from the onions!!

You must be so proud!!

Deb said...

I planted onions yesterday too! But I didn't have any help. I didn't start my kids out the way you have with Little Sprout. :)

barefoot gardener said...

Kati- I hope so, too.

Jenny- You didn't have to do that, hon! Still, I would love to get something in the mail other than bills and junk

Lisa- *sticking nose in the air* vapors come from gas tanks and stinky dog-butts. Onions are AROMATIC ;)

Deb- I figure my kids like to garden because that is about the only time they get with the happy me. You go to the pond and skating and all sorts of cool things with your kids, that is why they don't want to "work" in the garden.