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Friday, May 23, 2008

Happy Frickin' Weekend, Folks.

To start with, I would like to thank you all for showing so much interest in my latest job shenanigans. You were all so much more supportive (and entertaining) than Mr. Barefoot. Of course, I would probably bop him in the head if he came home and told me he had done something like that....but he only has ONE job. I have three, so if I screw one up it shouldn't be that big of a deal....right?

Anyway, despite the fact that Big Boss B*tch wrote two apologies, I have no faith that anything will change. That sounds so pessimistic, but I have been here before with her. She pushes and pushes until someone takes her down a peg (usually me or the Sarge, as we are the only ones who care about our pride more than the job). Then she makes a big deal about apologising and kisses some serious backside for a couple of weeks. The novelty of that wears off pretty quickly, though, and she is soon back to her old tricks.

I do have to say that she leaves me (and the Sarge) alone for the most part because she knows that she can't get away with it. I am sure the only reason she got so catty was because I was going to be gone for two weeks and she didn't think that I would find out about it.

Silly girl.

I suppose I am lucky that she has such a weak personality. Any other boss wouldn't put up with me talking back like that....but then a stronger person wouldn't feel the need to be all high school gossipy and snotty, now would they.

In other work related news, the Sarge has put in her notice and is leaving me in that pit of incompetence all by my lonesome. She has found a fabulous new job that she is very excited to start, and I AM happy for her. Really I am. I'm just going to miss her terribly. I have never met anyone easier to work with, more fun to chat with, and with a better work ethic. My line of work attracts a lot of idiots, so it is really wonderful when you find someone who is not only good at it, but that you click with as well.

It SUCKS that the Sarge is leaving.


Mr. Barefoot is (once again) gone for the weekend. I am just a little ticked that he is going to be gone again so soon after coming home from CA. Not only that, but he is driving nearly two hours to go to a gig that will pay just enough to pay for the gas and his hotel...maybe a meal or two. That means that he will probably lose money on this gig, when I am busting my chops to save money and bring more in.


He did try to let me sleep this morning, since we figure Little Sprout is going to freak out when she realises that he isn't coming home tonight, but it didn't work. We are going to look at the fixer-upper house on Sunday, and I am too excited to sleep.

I keep reminding myself that the house could be in terrible shape, that it might be no good for us. It works for keeping the excitement at bay during the day, but when I close my eyes it is a whole other story. I keep imagining how lovely I could make the yard, how glorious the hardwood floors could look all refinished. I imagine the old style trim around the gorgeous stained glass and leaded windows. I mentally furnish each room, and imagine what colors I would choose for the walls.

I've got it bad for this one, folks. Rational thought has nothing to do with this. It is all from the heart.

In other news, I get to spend all day tomorrow at the hospital. The woman I care for on Saturdays fell, and her family still wants us all to spend time with her while she is in the hospital.

Fun, fun. I am not so much looking forward to this day. I think it will be really tough to sit there and keep her from deciding to up and leave.

Ah,'s best for her, and that's what counts.

So, I am off to "enjoy" my working weekend with no Mr. Barefoot to help out. I sincerely hope you all enjoy your weekend and your Memorial Day celebrations....think of me while you are all partying and stuff, cuz I will be at work. :-(

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jenny said...

Ugh.. I feel for you. I know the feeling of having to force yourself to go to work and you hate the place and/or the people.

Hang in there, but I gotta say, if you are really that miserable there, no job is worth the misery. Really. I quit a well-paying job once, because even though the money was good, I just hated working there. It just wasn't worth it and I got bitchy and cranky and pissy and.. well you get the idea. The day I quit was such a relief and I do not regret it.

I hope you feel better soon. Cheesecake?