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Monday, February 04, 2008


Since I quit biting my nails, I have been trying to figure out what to do with them. I really don't like the look of nail polish (all that color just freaks me out), but I have a thing about nasty, dirty nails.

I keep a nail buffer, clippers (for the occasional hangnail), emery boards, and cuticle pushers sitting on my comp desk so that when I notice a nail is uneven or that there is crud underneath I can fix the issue without biting. (Ok, so that is a little OCD-ish, but read about my night last night and I will seem perfectly normal again)

I have been floating 'round the net off and on all day, and just a few minutes ago when I got up to check supper I made the mistake of leaving the cabinet doors open. Um, yeah. I have one of those "computer hutch" things that you can close the doors on. I am a little OCD-ish about electronics hanging out in full view and open storage, too.

When I came back to the 'puter, all seemed well. Then I heard this horrible scraping noise. It was reminiscent of sandpaper on concrete. It made my teeth shiver and gooseflesh rise all over me (and is still doing it, now that I think about it).

Being the proactive kind of gal that I am, I went looking for the source of this horrific noise. I found Little Sprout CHEWING on my nice new 7-way nail file and buffer!

Do you know how nasty and slimy a nail file can get when it is covered with baby slime?



Lisa said...

I can't imagine it felt very good on her little mouth, either!

Go check out my blog! there is something there for you!

Catty Ax Lady said...

Oh my...I can't even descibe the shivers that went up and down my spine with that story. And as a former nail biter, I understand keeping stuff next to you at all times.

barefoot gardener said...

OMG, she was just filing away at her teeth like she was practicing to be a carpenter or something. It was so aweful!

Of course, a few more teeth are trying to come in, so I suppose it might (?) have felt good on the gums??

Kati said...

*shudder* I can imagine, but don't want to, the sound! Like nails on a chalkboard!!! I hope she hasn't done any damage to her already-present baby-teeth with the filing. At least it was an emery board & not a metal file. *grin*