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Monday, February 04, 2008


I was all excited to do some sewing now that I have overcome my fear of the machine. Unfortunately, the idiot machine has decided that it doesn't want to work properly. I am not sure what is wrong, but am searching the troubleshooting guides. What a pain!

Little Sprout is being really cute today. She is dancing around the house, and other than pulling all of her books out of the bookshelf and throwing them on the floor she hasn't really made too much of a mess. I am excited that I won't have to be horribly embarrassed when MIL comes over to watch the sprouts tonight.

I may be giving my first crochet lesson to the Sarge tonight. I have been putzing away on my many projects while at work, and she has decided that it looks like fun. I am a self-taught crocheter, so it will be funny to see how difficult it is to explain to someone else how to do it. I will be bringing some good instructional materials so that she can look at the pictures if I get to hard to understand. :)

Big Sprout has been busy planning her birthday, which is coming up at the end of the month. I am feeling guilty, since I just don't want to plan and take care of a party for her. I don't have weekends off, so her dream party of a super-involved sleepover just doesn't seem possible. Somehow or other, when I said "We'll see" she heard "why, of course, dear, I would love to spend hundreds of dollars and countless hours setting up, having, and cleaning up your birthday party!". And here I was hoping for something simple like we did last year: Chuck E. Cheese and one friend. That was so much easier!!!!


Wendy said...

I ended up putting a dollar limit on my girls' birthdays this year. It was getting too complicated and too expensive. So they have $75 to spend on their party *period*. Whatever they decide to do needs to fit in that budget. For Big Little Sister, last year, we did a "Mystery Party." Everyone had a BLAST! And the mystery was appropriate for up to 12 kids, with eight "main" characters. It was a lot of fun. The script was only $30 or so, and including food and "take-home" gifts for her friends, we spent less than $100. Before that it was always something like Build-A-Bear with ten friends (and her two siblings) or something equally outrageous.

Good luck convincing your Big Sprout that she needs to be less extravagant.

Catty Ax Lady said...

When is Big Sprout's bday? Beanpole's is on the 28th of this month...I can't believe how quickly it's coming!!

Good luck that she decides on something a little easier on the pocketbooks...I think a dollar limit sounds like an excellent idea!

barefoot gardener said...

Big Sprout is the 20th. I agree that time just seems to slip away from you.

I am not so worried about the $$. Big Sprout has never yet had an issue when I tell her something is too expensive, so I don't see her starting now. ;^)

Kati said...

If it were me, I'd set a limit on the number of guests she can invite. That's what we did this past year (well, until DD lost the priviledge of a party altogether, due to bad behavior)... We told her she could invite 2 friends to a movie & a sleep-over. In past year's we've rented a party room at various places for the party. One year was ice-skating. A couple of years were the batting cages. 3 years were at an indoor-playground for toddlers that we used to have around here. All these places took care of the clean-up, I just had to take care of providing the cake & plates & such, & shelling out enough $$ for the two hours of entertainment.

Whatever it is y'all settle on, I hope Big Sprout has a grand time, and that you don't find it too stressful.