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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Ornament Day in Words

So, yesterday was the official ornament day here at the Barefoot House (I gotta come up with a cool name for home). Pip arrived at 5:30, and right away the girls started in with decorating.
First up were some ball ornaments I picked up at the thrift store for $2. I gave the girls glittler-glue pens and they dotted and swirled to their hearts content. Then, I let them fill clear ball ornaments (thrift store, $1) with fake snow (thrift store, $.50).
My dad got in the act, since he has an absolute PASSION for homemade ornaments, and purchased wooden ornaments for the girls to color and some plaster ornaments to paint. The wooden ones were 4 for a doller (complete with pens and glitter) and the plaster were 60 cents a piece.
I also have misc. Christmas cards for them to cut into shapes and hang from ribbon and beads and pipe cleaners (chenille stems, if you are cool like that) for them to make wreaths and candy cane ornaments.

The girls had a blast with their little crafts, and since they only finished the ball ornaments Pip will be back throughout this week and next to finish them all up.

I sent Pip home with over a dozen ornaments yesterday, and she has at least a dozen left here to do yet. They are definitely not magazine worthy, but they are cute and the girls had so much fun making them.

PS: Pip came over so late because she has a TUTOR! Yay, Pip's Mom! Now Pip can learn to read.


RuthieJ said...

That's so cool, BG! I'm glad you were able to arrange such a fun activity for the girls and now Pip has some ornaments for her tree at home...and she made them herself (definitely better than pop cans & cigarette wrappers)

barefoot gardener said...

Thanks, Ruthie. Every year I wait to see if Big Sprout is too old to have fun doing these homespun things. And every year I heave a huge sigh of relief when she still likes it.

Pip is so proud of her ornaments. I have never seen her smile and laugh so much as she did that day.