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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Bento, Anyone?

I have been thinking about all the dietary changes that are going to be happening here in Barefoot-land. DH and I will be visiting with a nutritionist soon to discuss the exact guidelines we should be following. I know portion control with be a lot of it, and regular snacks. I know DH is very depressed about it, so I have been pondering the issue of how to make this feel less like a punishment and more like an adventure.

I have discovered Bento. While I don't see myself getting totally elaborate with it, I really like the idea of making everything pretty and setting up the meal to be a "whole body" experience. I am still looking into it, but think I will probably be doing this for at least some of our meals.


Lisa said...

I think your idea of Bento is great! Would love to see pictures of what you make.

Bento is big in Hawaii, where I grew up. As a kid, we could buy Bento lunches at the Woolworth's counter! My Dad collected lacquered Bento boxes for his lunches.

Mysti said...

Very interesting Barefoot! I'm running off to do more research on the concept. Good luck with everything, and once DH gets into the swing of the changes, it will feel normal. Bear can tell you this. It's not easy at first. We have noticed that when we try and eat something that we shouldn't, we feel terrible afterwards. It's keeps us on track.

I'll be cheering from the sidelines!

barefoot gardener said...

Thanks! My version will probably be VERY un-traditional (I don't want to dump a lot of $$ into supplies and I gotta use food DH and Big Sprout will eat), but I am looking forward to playing with a new art form! I will surely post pics when I finally get around to doing some.

I keep telling DH that it is not going to be that bad. Before I met him, I ate very healthy foods with a VERY low fat content due to some health issues, and there are a lot of really great recipes out there. He just needs to get used to tasting the FOOD rather than the salt, etc. I think portion control will be the hardest for him, and I am hoping that this bento thing will distract him from the smaller sizes.