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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Somebody is Trying to Punish Me

Yup, I just know it. Someone is trying to make me lose my mind.

It started out pretty simple. I had some allergies acting up....or so I thought. Then it turned out to not be allergies at all, but a horrific cold that has settled in my chest and is making me totally miserable. I can't breath, and coughing HURTS.

Then Little Sprout started spiking fevers and being really irritable. She seemed tired all the time, but couldn't seem to fall asleep. I figured teeth, so I just kept giving her Tylenol and trying to get her to rest.

Now today, after working my usual shift, I came home exhausted. I begged off going with DH to visit his uncle and fell asleep. I woke up 4 hours later to Little Sprout screaming in the monitor. I suppose that was DH's way of punishing me for not going to see his family. When I came stumbling out into the living room, he immediately had to show me that Little Sprout has some kind of rash all over her body. Only THEN does he tell me that they have had chicken pox going around at his work.

WHAT!?! You have been exposed to chicken pox, and it NEVER OCCURRED TO YOU that you could possibly bring it home to the baby?!?!?!? She has a doc appt for Thursday, so unless something massive changes I am not going to be rushing her to the ER. I will just be giving lots of baking soda baths (which she will love) and TLC.

Now Big Sprout is pouting because there was no swimming today, and Pip is not home to play with.

I think I am going to run away to the deep woods somewhere where there is no post office, no phone, and NO PEOPLE. Maybe then I can get a nap in.


Mysti said...

Oh goodness! Funny that Bear and I had a conversation yesterday about how dad's don't THINK! It was basically how dad's will let the kids do anything they want so long as they don't tell their mothers. Hence - not thinking! Sounds like the chicken pox issue falls in the same category. At least, though.. you are "getting it over with". Hope everyone recovers well and you get some well needed rest.

barefoot gardener said...

I guess he's off the hook this time. He got nervous and took her to the ER today. Turns out it's not chicken pox, but roseola.

Still, I'm not taking back the butt-chewing I gave him. I think he deserved it.