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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I am Definitely Cheating.

As I previously posted, I have joined the Freeze Yer Buns Challenge over at Crunchy Chicken's blog. However, I am really feeling like a cheater. I said I would keep my thermostat at 59 deg or lower. Well, today I looked at the thermostat just for fun. I haven't even turned on the heat in our apt, and the temp in here has been hovering around 70 deg all day.

I will have to think of some other ways to save some juice, since that one is just too easy.


Wendy said...

I wish I could convince hubby to do this one. I could keep the thermostat at 59°, because I'd have the woodstove roaring and keeping the house - or at least the diningroom/office a comfortable 75° ;). For some reason, though, he can't stand it when I turn the thermostat down. Maybe it's because he's the first one up and would have to stoke the fire ;).

Morgan said...

Wow my mom has been doing this for years! She claims it made us all healthy. You could turn all your lights out and go for candle power. Just try not to burn the place down!

Kati said...

There is no freaking way I'd keep the temp. at 59 deg. during the winter. I'm sorry but if I wanted to freeze that badly, I'd just go ahead and sleep outside. *shaking head* Nope. I value my toes & fingers too much. But, I DO turn it down to about 64 deg. when I leave for the day, then turn it back to 68 when I get home from work. That's generally at least 6 hours of using less fuel. And considering we've got one 500 gal. fuel tank that we only just use up in the course of a year anyway, we do pretty good compared to a lot of other people. (Then again, we spend from the end of May till at least the middle of August without turning the furnace or air conditioner on at all. I've used the air conditioner ONCE, and that was last year when we had really heavy nasty smoke on a very, very warm day and I used the AC in conjunction with the air purifier to make it easier for DD to breath in the house. This past summer we didn't turn on the furnace at all till the end of Sept. Great!)

Best of luck finding more ways to save energy!

RuthieJ said...

Hi BG,
My furnace hasn't run much either--even set at 65. But it sounds like things are gonna cool down next week according to our local weatherman....I even heard the words "snow flurries"!!!