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Friday, October 05, 2007

Dear Ms. Pain-in-my-ass

Dear Ms. Pain-in-my-ass....

It has come to my attention lately that you don't really like with me. This is fine, because I don't like you either. The fact that you are offended and inconvenienced by me doing my job to the best of my ability does not trouble me in the least. There is really no need for you to roll your eyes at everything I say in meetings or contradict me just for the sake of saying you don't agree.

Please know that when I put cereal in bowls with milk and fruit cups next to it, this is my way of saying that cereal is for breakfast. Likewise when I set out plates of eggs and bacon or waffles and fruit. Please don't ask me what I made for breakfast when I am busy doing your work and mine. Just look on the counter.

Also, it does not take 1 hour to serve breakfast to 3 gentlemen when said breakfast is prepared and sitting out on the counter for you. Please don't tell me it does.

Your job description is for a sleep position. Please do not waste my time and yours sitting upstairs telling me about your latest health issues. I don't care, and I have work to do that you are keeping me from accomplishing.

I am also not interested in the health issues of your children, the number of which seems to change every time I work with you. Do you have 3 kids? 4? 1? I don't get it.

I am totally unaffected by the fact that you cannot sleep if I am cleaning upstairs. My job description quite clearly states that I must complete certain cleaning chores every night. I make an effort to be quiet, but there is no known way to muffle the sound of a broom on a linoleum floor. Either get used to it or quit. It also does not bother me in the least that the fumes from cleaning agents bother you. It also clearly states in my job description that I am to do the cleaning as dictated by the house manager. If that means Pine Sol, I will use Pine Sol. If that means Bleach, I will use Bleach. Again, get used to it or quit.

Please do not yell at me through the house from the bottom of the basement stairs. The gentlemen we are caring for are trying to sleep, and I am not. Since you are such a light sleeper, I would expect you to be a little more sensitive to their need for a quiet environment for sleep. You also do not need to come upstairs at odd times during the night just to see if I am awake. If it is quiet, it is because I am trying to be nice and let you get some sleep. If this worries you, I can be sure to make plenty of noise all night long so that there is no doubt as to whether or not I am sleeping. But then you forfeit any right you may have had to complain about the noise.

The gentlemen we care for are adults. Please do not treat them or talk to them as if they are toddlers. Please do not act like a toddler yourself. It is very difficult to get these gentlemen to understand the concept of appropriate behavior when the staff they use for models are busy stamping their feet and screeching. The gentlemen we care for have developmental disabilities, they are neither deaf nor stupid. While they may need direction in accomplishing the activities of daily life, and sometimes need assistance with some of these things, they are real people who deserve to be treated with respect.

Though you may have been employed in this house longer than I have, I have logged in infinitely more hours than you have. I would appreciate it if you would stop telling me and everyone else that you know everything there is to know about these guys and I am obviously stupid. I spend 3 times more time with them per pay period than you do, and am there for all their illnesses, bumps, and bruises. I go with them to their doctor's appts, take them for walks, and actually listen to them. There is no question who is more well informed as to what they need.

I would very much appreciate if you would take these things into consideration when we work with each other in the future. I believe it would be very beneficial to our working relationship and environment.

Thank you for your time.


Ms. I-actually-do-my-job-so-shut-up


Kati said...

*snort & cringe* Ouch. I'd hate to be on her end!!!! (Not that I doubt your feelings are correct, but if you were actually saying these things..... Well, I hope she pulls her head out and gets on with doing the job she's been assigned & let you do yours.

barefoot gardener said...

I would never say anything like this in real life. I just keep on ignoring her and dealing with her total incompetence. This is my little way of getting all my frustrations out before I have to spend the weekend working with her.

Deb said...

Sorry you have to work with such a pain in the ass. I work with mostly guys, and we mostly get along, but my boss has a huge sense of self importance and self omniscience. Which gives us a lot to laugh at behind his back.

Kati said...

LOL I understand. That's what blogs are so great for. Expressing our frustration without ruining our job, or our marriage, or what-have-you. Hope the inept-one soon decides this job just isn't for her & you get a coworker much more capable.