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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

10 Things

10 things that just BUG ME are....

1. When I am trying to get somewhere and there are people on my road. Really, this is the time when I really get upset over the over-population problem. Why do these people need to be on my road when I want it? They all don't seem to mind buzzing around in their little (or not so little) pollution makers all the time, you would think they would have the courtesy to get out of my way the few times I use mine.

2. DH snoring when I am in the grip of a bad attack of insomnia. Really, if I have to be miserable, shouldn't he too? I think that was in the marriage vows somewhere.

3. When Big Sprout tells a story and spaces out in the middle, leaving me hanging for several minutes while she ummms and ahhhs.

4. Toothpaste in the sink.

5. Whining

6. DH never thinks the trash is full at the same time I do. He is always sure he can shove just one more thing in there, often resulting in overflowing trashcans. I say when it's full, IT'S FULL!

7. When people in the store try to tell me how to parent my kids.

8. That Big Sprout always wants to wear her hair down. I like to put it up and braid it and stuff, and she wont let me. *pout*

9. Little Sprout's radar that wakes her from her nap exactly 5 minutes after mommy closes her eyes.

10. When people talk about things they obviously know nothing about. I may not know a lot of things, but I acknowledge my stupidity. It wont hurt anyone else to do the same.

Okay, folks, this is audience participation time....

What are YOUR pet peeves?


Wendy said...

People who visit MY state and believe that just because they come here once a year, or once ever, and spend a little bit of money they can behave in whatever nasty, rude and inconsiderate way they wish (especially when driving on one of MY roads!). Get a clue, people. I spend my money here ALL YEAR ROUND. Get the Eff out if you can't be civil! - Sorry. Tourist season just ended, and I'm still recovering ;).

e4 said...

Off the top of my head:

- Kids who are a really bad influence on mine (one of whom lives right next door)

- Doctors offices who overbook, and make you wait an hour for 60 seconds of care

- My mortgage company, who still sends me 2 refi / home equity offers a week, months after I asked them to stop

- Having to deal with customer service "systems" - especially DirecTV's

- Rodents in my garage

barefoot gardener said...

**aplause and cheering**

Don't you feel better for getting that off your chest? Thanks so much for sharing!