And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair. ~ Kahlil Gibran

Monday, September 24, 2007

Trying Something New

I am actually trying several somethings new.

The first is, I made my first meal today using fresh herbs. I know it's a sin to admit such a thing, but it's the truth. My green thumb does not include houseplants, and I have never had an herb-garden. There is no way I could ever justify spending the $$ on fresh herbs, so I never used them. Besides, garlic is enough flavor for me.

However, I have been buzzing around the Internet lately noticing how many people there are out there who really do cook with more flavors than garlic and onion. Who knew? So I started wondering if I was missing something. When my honorary aunt gifted me a wonderful basil plant, I saw it as a golden opportunity to try something new.

I threw some basil in the soup I made today. It actually wasn't bad. My taste buds must be very limited, because I kept thinking the soup tasted "funny", but DH (who has much more food experience than I) absolutely loved it. Even Big Sprout ate a lot of it, considering there were veggies in there. So it goes on the list: herb garden for next year, and learn how to cook with them.

The second thing I have been trying is fairly silly sounding, but if I can't sound stupid in front of the entire world via the 'net, who can I sound stupid for? Ready? Here it is....I am trying to look like a girl every day. I am the queen of the "wash and wear" lifestyle. Most of the clothes I wear are sweats, or jeans and men's t-shirts. My hair? twisted up into a loop and secured with a jaw-clip. Makeup? yeah, who has time. I just don't really care to take the time to worry about how I look.

Now some people (my father probably foremost) would say that as long as I am comfortable, everything is fine and I should continue to look like I do. I agree. The thing is, if I do up my hair into a hairstyle that is flattering I feel good. The act of taking the time is pleasurable. I want my clothes to remain comfortable, but I also like catching a glimpse of myself in the mirror and not having to cringe. The process of cleansing and moisturizing my face is pleasant, and I like knowing I look my best. I do enjoy pretty scents and fine fabrics, looking good and feeling presentable. I just haven't felt like taking the time. So I am going to make sure I do.

I am also trying to make sleep a priority. This is probably the hardest for me. It is very important to me that my home be presentable and that I provide a welcoming and tidy home for my family. I want to come home from a 10 hour shift and be able to clean, cook, garden, preserve the harvest, and be totally available to my children. I am having to realise that real life doesn't work that way. I have been following the Flylady system (much-adapted) for about two years now, and it does help, but I just can't seem to keep up with it all. So I have decided that the kids will be the priority, then sleep, and then I can worry about the housekeeping. Often this means that scrubbing toilets has to be put off, but I am hoping that as I get more sleep I will have more energy and feel a little less cranky about all the housework.

I am pushing Big Sprout to start taking care of her own stuff, too. It's an uphill battle, but I am determined. I am going to need all the help I can get around here if I actually start sleeping.


Kati said...

Gosh..... You're one busy lady lately. I had to laugh coming here today and finding several new posts.... I only missed checking in on you yesterday, and your last post had been about a whole lotta nuthin' going on. Get here today and it's taking me forever to read all that you've written. LOL

Good luck with all your goals. They sound ambitious, but reasonable!!!

barefoot gardener said...