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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Rhubarb juice

I have been trying to quit drinking such insane amounts of pop. I am a devoted caffeine addict, but I realise that I need to quit. Since city water tastes nasty to me, and most bottled water is (I believe) a waste of $$, I have been trying to drink one glass of juice for every can of pop I have. I have been enjoying the juice, but since I am also trying to trim our budget I didn't like the added expense. One day while browsing on my favorite recipe site, I happened upon a recipe for making rhubarb juice. I have plenty of rhubarb available, so I figured I would try it. All I can say is YUM! It really doesn't take very much work, and the juice is tart and unique. I will definitely be making a lot more to can and freeze. I want to try both methods of storing to figure out which I like best. I am also planning a marathon baking day to make rhubarb cake, bread, pie filling, crumble, and whatever else I can think of to freeze for the upcoming year. Next it will be strawberries, I suppose. Lucky for me I have access to several different fruits, so if I stay on track with this I will have quite the variety. I am so happy!


Moonroot said...

Is it as simple as just juicing the rhubarb stems or is there a recipe? If a recipe's needed, could you post it for us? Thanks!

Erroll said...

I'd love to see that juice recipe too. I make wine from my rhubarb, and every time I do, I think there must be a better way to juice it.

I neglected my rhubarb patch this year, so it's off to a slow start. I posted the sad story here:

Rhubarb needs love too

Hope yous is doing better,