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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

just not sophisticated enough

So I was reading Horticulture Magazine yesterday (Thanks, Mom, for the subscription), and there was an article about taking cuttings from lilacs. I love lilacs and of course love to spread them around, but I have never taken cuttings. I always dig up the little suckers when they are about 3 feet tall and just stick them wherever I want them. The thought of rooting cuttings and then caring for them indoors until they are strong enough to be planted seems so silly to me. Besides, after all that work, your "new" lilacs are only maybe a foot tall, so you have to wait forever until they are big enough to bloom. I am sure that there is some very good reason why you should do it with cuttings, but I think I will stick with my way. After all, the lilacs don't seem to mind.

My beans are up, as well as radishes and kohlrabi. The onions look fabulous, and the cabbage is looking perky. My lettuce seed somehow got all bunched up, but luckily I have lots more seed and plenty more room.

I am thinking about doing a trellis type thing for my dad's winter squash. I had not wanted to plant any spreading plants this year, since last year they sprawled so far, but dad just can't live with the idea of no winter squash. It's not like he eats more than one or two anyway. Still, I have to think about how to make this right, so the squashes don't get pulled off by their own weight and the trellis is strong enough to support the plant. Hmmmmm. I will work it out.

On the To-Do list for today....Make and can rhubarb juice. Maybe make some rhubarb cake (extra to be frozen). Mix up some homemade flavored rice and potato mixes. Get about 6 tons of laundry done.

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