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Friday, May 18, 2007

Growin' Growin' Growin'

Yes, my garden is growing! I have flowers and veggies and dirt under all my fingernails that haven't been broken off. Who needs a manicure, right?

I have had my nose firmly planted in "Joy of Gardening" by Dick Raymond (boy, his mom didn't like him much, did she?) for the last month or so. My copy is copyrighted 1982, but the photos look like it is older than that. I am fascinated. Mr. Raymond is promoting his "wide row gardening system". It is similar to other intensive gardening theories that I have looked at, but somehow seems more do-able.
Besides the wide row technique, this book has EVERYTHING in it. Pictures of common pests and how to get rid of them, food storage techniques, harvest info, green manure crops, weed control, the list goes on. When I really think about it, the book doesn't really present much information that I couldn't get elsewhere or that I haven't heard or seen something similar. I think it is the engaging way that the book is written and the user-friendliness of it. Oh, and did I mention that it has everything?

I have also been researching the possibility of rainwater harvesting over at the folks' place. My system will be really low-tech, of course, since I am dirt poor. Since all I want the H2O for is watering the garden, this shouldn't be a problem. My main concern, being in MN, is the mosquito issue. Screening will keep most debris out of my barrels, but mosquitoes are very persistent. I have thought of "mosquito dunks", but I wonder if that will harm my plants....more research needed.

Yesterday I planted my first 'maters. Roma's even. I know it's a little early and chancy here in MN, but I just couldn't wait! I also planted more lettuce, beans, and peas. I also planted TONS of flowers. Mostly violas, but some spiderwort and impatiens, too.

I am very proud of all the compliments I have been getting on my garden. I know the season has just started, but I have been very faithful about weeding and taking care of all the beds. Maybe this will be the year I really, actually have my dream garden!!!!


e4 said...

If you can find a closed barrel for rainwater collection, you might consider one of these. I've used them, and I'm pretty happy with them. The overflow goes back into the gutter, and it solves the mosquito problem. Of course, a screen usually works pretty well for mosquitos too.

barefoot gardener said...

Thanks! I had seen that site, but didn't check it out too thoroughly, thinking it would be to expensive. Now that I really looked, that is a very reasonable price. Yee-haw, my problem may be solved!