And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair. ~ Kahlil Gibran

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Great Blue Heron

On the way home today, a GBH lifted up out of the swamp near the road and flew so close to my car that I could actually see individual feathers. I keep forgetting how big those birds really are! My dad keeps telling me how beautiful and graceful they are, but I must confess I don't see it. To me a GBH is just like a teenage boy. Too tall, too skinny, with an adam's apple that bobs when it's nervous. Kind of cute, but geeky all the same. I remember looking at a picture of some kind of crested heron in my Big Sprout's Ranger Rick magazine. It had it's crest fully extended and looked like an 80's era punk rocker. Funny.

In other bird news, I have seen many bald eagles lately. Well, probably the same two pair, but I see them often. The one pair must be nested down by the river about 2 miles from my place. The other day one flew so low over the garage that I thought it was going to take my head off!

There is a robin nest in the tree near my folks' deck. We found it because of a broken shell on the ground under the tree. I don't think there are any babies in there, and I have not seen any adults hanging around close by. I don't know enough about robins to know if there were babies and now they are grown, or if maybe some other critter killed them.

We have a brilliantly red cardinal living near the house. I see it very regularly, and every time I am shocked at how red it is. It actually looks unnatural, because so rarely in nature do you see something with such bright coloration.

Off the subject of birds, we have some very fat rabbits hanging out around our place. They have been entertaining themselves munching on flower bulbs. I am not happy, but as long as they stay away from my veggies, I guess I can just keep looking for "rabbit resistant" flowers. I knew there was a risk when I planted all the tulips and such.

Everything is hunky-dory in the rest of life, so that is all for today

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