And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair. ~ Kahlil Gibran

Monday, September 18, 2006


What a day already!

I overslept, of course. It's picture day at DD's school, and so for the first year I had to fight with her over what is and is not appropriate clothing for picture day. Last year's easter dress that doesn't even fit is out, the hairdo reminiscent of straw gone through an egg beater doesn't work, and no you cannot wear that too short cheerleader skirt when it is only 40 deg outside! And she is only 7. I am just waiting for the fight over tattoos and belly piercings to start next week.

Almost late to school, get a call from my folks on the way that someone stole their patio and lawn chairs while they were on vacation last week. What?! Who steals lawn chairs!!! Like a fool I head over to look, as if they will suddenly materialize before my eyes. Nope, they are gone. How insane does a person have to be to steal $7 a piece plastic lawn chairs? It's bad enough people have been helping themselves to the veggie patch! I remember a time in this town when noone even locked their doors, now you evidently have to chain up your yard stuff, too.

Had to deal with the county today....nightmare. Of course they needed proof of all sorts of things, like the fact that I exsist, since SD is in the system with all her troubles. Of course when I get there, noone knows why they need these things or what they need or who to give them to. So I spent almost 2 hours accomplishing nothing. Not to mention all the time and effort invested in looking for all the documentation they wanted. So they will call when they finally figure everything out.

So here I sit, no breakfast yet though it's lunch time, various aches and pains, frustrated and exhausted. Definitely time for a nap......

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