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Saturday, June 24, 2006

What a day!!

Yesterday was busy, great, and miserable. I am still exhausted.

First, I went to the doc for an ultrasound. It appears the baby is a girl! I was proud DH didn't cry, he was so hoping for a boy. It was fun to watch the baby move around on the screen and look at the little hands and feet. DD was bored, and angry it's a girl. She wanted a brother, saying there are too many girls at our house. I am just as happy it is a girl. I would be happy with anything as long as it is healthy.

The rest of the day was filled with running errands. It seemed to go on forever! When we finally got home, it was time for a nap. I was scheduled to work the overnight, and DH had a gig. We hoped to catch a few hours of shuteye before heading out to our respective jobs. I woke 2 hours later not feeling so great. Soon I was vomiting violently and my body from shoulders to hipbones was wracked with the most intense pain I have felt since childbirth. I tried to crawl into bed to rest, but the pain only intensified. I woke DH, now panicking because I was afraid the pain (mostly in my abdomen and back) was baby-related. I eventually ended up lying on the bathroom floor unable to get up. DH ended up calling an ambulance for me. Then came a little chaos, as I have switched clinics and hospitals this past year due to insurance issues. The closer hospital is the one I no longer go to, but I have yet to ever go to the new hospital, which is farther away. Now it seems funny that the EMT's were so concerned about where to take me. I remember just moaning something about I didn't care where they took me as long as someone made the pain stop. So I ended up at the nearer hosp. By some miracle, or perhaps by grace of me being pregnant, everything went very quickly at the hospital. Soon they had run enough tests to give me something for the pain and got me the rest of the tests in short order. I was only there a total of 3 hours! Amazing. Anyway, final diagnosis was gall stones. Gall sones!!! I am sure I will offend someone with this, but I think of gall bladder trouble as something older people have to deal with. They say I will need surgery, but I need to schedule with my OB doc to decide if we should do it now or wait till after the baby comes. They put me on a special diet, and gave some meds for pain, then sent me home. My lovely home with my bed and my pj's. It was bliss. My lovely mom stayed with me till DH got home from his gig. It is so nice to have such a wonderful family. Now I just have to figure out how to eat on this new diet and still get everything the baby needs. The big problem is I can't have dairy products. I will have to research if taking a calcium suppliment would aggrivate my situation or not. Ah, well. All is well that ends well. I am just happy the baby is fine and that this is something that is not life threatening.


e4 said...

What a day. That about sums it up. Congrats on the upcoming addition...

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