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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I Wish I Would Have Gotten A Picture!

Big Sprout went to school dressed in Goth fashion this morning. Normally, she is the most un-fashion-conscious female teen I have ever met. As long as she isn't going to school naked, she is fine with whatever clothes she has. She even hates makeup.

For some reason, when a few of her friends suggested dressing "out of character" for the 3rd to last day of school, she jumped at the chance.

Today, I helped her line her eyes with thick black eyeliner. I helped her overcome her fear of the mascara wand. I watched as she painted her nails a deep black. I patched up her eyeshadow where the applicator had "skipped" across her eyelid, leaving pale spots where the deep grey shadow didn't cover. I cleaned up the smudged black lipstick.

The all black clothing ensemble really emphasizes her palepalepale skin, and her natural red hair is positively vibrant.

*sniff, sniff* she looked so grown up! I just wish I would have gotten a picture before she ran out the door.

I also giggle, because I never thought I would be the mom who WANTED to put makeup on her daughter, especially black makeup. I never thought I would be the mom who bought her kid all black clothing, and heavy silver jewelry.

I gotta say, it was kinda fun!

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webb said...

They grow up so fast. Now you have a little black sprout in your garden. They are difficult to find!