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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

There's A Hole In My Bucket

Good Gracious!

After some storm damage this past summer, we found ourselves a roofer. Unfortunately, he didn't really want to work, and after months of trying to pin him down on when we were going to get our roof done we ended up hiring someone else.

The new guy is great. Really great. The job? Not so great. Not that our roof guy isn't doing the work, or doing it correctly, it's that every time he turns around he finds one more thing that the previous owners just covered up. A job that was supposed to take just a few days has now stretched into it's second week, with more work to come.

Today's find? We have a big ol' hole in our wall. Under the siding (don't ask how we ended up replacing siding when the job was for the roof. Really, don't ask). That the previous owners just put siding over.


No insulation on that wall, evidently, either. *sigh*

I am immensely grateful that we are financially able to handle these things as we find them, and even more grateful that the guy we have working is so good about fixing it instead of covering it back up. I have to admit, though, that I am a little miffed. We have the roof off our house during November. In Minnesota. And Xmas is coming. Doesn't the Universe know that there is shopping to be done, and I can't do it when all our $$ is going to fixing problems with the house?! Of course, I'm sure I could wrap a big ol' bow around the house, and give THAT to the kids on Xmas morning, but I'm guessing they would be less than excited about that turn of events.

So the plan is hatched, and Mr. Barefoot is fully on board. Over the next year or 10, we will take the house one room at a time, and get all the messes fixed. Here's hoping that we're done with the nasty surprises!


webb said...

That actually sounds like a great plan. You will get thru this. Years ago the boiler man discovered on Dec. 20 that the flue liner in our main chimney had (literally) broken apart and collapsed into the bottom of the flue. He turned off our boiler and refused to relight it until we replaced the liner - it was freaking December! and even in Virginia, that ain't good. But we managed and things got better. Yours will, too. Think how warm you will be once the roof is fixed and you have insulation in the walls.

Gorges Smythe said...

Old houses have a lot of "character," but that doesn't mean the character is always good!

Fr. Peter Doodes said...

This is where being a male is so good barefoot. Christmas shopping? No problem! We can get it all done in one shop in half an hour on December 24th; Just watch Mr. barefoot.

Patricia Lichen said...

Ah, I am watching how the floorboards in my old house tend to bend down in certain spots when I walk on them. So far no holes--sorry to hear your walls are not being as cooperative.

All the best wishes for the new year!