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Monday, July 05, 2010

You Can't Make This Stuff Up

Have you ever wondered why perfectly normal and intelligent children sometimes do incredibly ridiculous things?

So do I.

Today, I was treated to the joy of removing a pearly pink pony bead from Little Sprout's nose. It was a good thing that plugging the opposite nostril and telling her to blow hard was sufficient to shoot that little thing across the room, as I am unsure where the tweezers are.

When asked why in the world she thought her nose was a good place for a bead, Little Sprout replied:

"I dunno, but it hurt my nose!"

Let's all hope she learned her lesson, hmmm?


Peg Leg Pirate said...

LOL A couple of months ago I found a jewel in my daughters ear. It might have been there for days I have no clue, she wouldnt talk about it. Hahaa I think she was trying to make herself an earring. I had a jimmy it out of there with some tweezers and a bobby pin.

barefoot gardener said...

Aren't kids just crazy?! The rest of poor Little Sprout's day consisted of: locking herself out of the house, getting her fingers caught in the dishwasher, and swallowing the wrong way (resulting in chocolate milk coming out her nose).... poor kid needs to go back to bed!

Peg Leg Pirate said...

Oh gosh! what a day! But it sounds like some of the days I have! lol

Lisa said...

You can always hope she has learned the lesson, but I wouldn't count on it!! But then again, where would we get stories to torture them with in front of boyfriends if they didn't do this kind of stuff?