And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair. ~ Kahlil Gibran

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Salvaging A Bad Day

We got started late to Yosemite.

On a weekend.

It took us about 30+ minutes just to get through the line to pay our fee and ENTER the park.

There was no parking.


At all.


Finally, FINALLY we found a place to pull off and let the kids eat. It was at the bottom of El Capitan. We watched a raven and a squirrel,and had some birds (I don't remember what they were right now) beg for Cheetos.

I would beg for Cheetos. Who can blame them?

We decided to take one last troll around Yosemite Valley to see if we could find a place to park and see some of the sights.

We found a space at the base of Bridal Veil Falls Trail.

We saw Bridal Veil.

It was breathtaking.

And wet.

Little Sprout hated being wet. She insisted on riding in the stroller.

Mr. Barefoot wasn't feeling well, so we headed out of the park.

I will be returning with the Sprouts on Monday while he is out fishing with his Dad.

Thank goodness our pass is good for 7 days.


webb said...

Remember that in addition to change of pace, and time off, and wonderful experiences, VACATION is also filled with over-doing, disappointments and tired kids [also parents]. A long nap, a good dinner and tomorrow will be a better day, Scarlett!

Finding Pam said...

At this pace, you will have to rest when you get home.It is so exciting to see the beauty of it all and it is all so overwhelming to take in.

Thanks for the update.

barefoot gardener said...

Love you guys!