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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Lost and Broken-Hearted

Remember when I made myself a crochet hook case? I was so proud of it! I loved everything about it, and used it all the time.

I am so depressed. My beloved crochet hook case has gone missing. I had it one day at work, I remember that. I remember putting it in the tote I use to haul my various projects around. I had a few days off, and when I looked for my case about 5 days later, it was gone. Just gone. I have looked everywhere.

I tore apart the house.

I tore apart my car.

I tore apart both my places of work.

It's gone.

I am not so much upset about the case. It was cool, and I was proud that I made it all by my lonesome, but the case was really nothing more than a bit of yarn, elastic, and plastic canvas. Nothing special.

Replacing the hooks isn't a problem. Crochet hooks aren't really all that expensive, and I can just pick up the various sizes as I need them.

What breaks my heart is that these were my Grandmothers' crochet hooks. No, that is not a grammatical error (though I make plenty of those). I got some of the crochet hooks from my mother's mother, and others from my father's mother. So losing these hooks is, in a way, losing my inheritance.

I am so bummed. There aren't even words for how crappy I feel about this.


hope said...

I am so sorry - these kinds of loses just really suck! Remember though that the craft itself is the most important part of the inheritance - any time you crochet with any needles - you are sharing in that heritage. {{hugs}}

Finding Pam said...

Oh Sara, I am so sorry for your loss. I hope and pray that they turn up some where. I do agree with the above comment. Hope is wise to know that it is the act of crocheting itself that really honors you heritage.

I remember the first time some thing of my Grandmother's was broken. I was devastated. I was able to glue most of it back together.

I wish I had my Grandmother's crochet needles. I don't crochet, but I admire those that do crochet. If you want I will send you some, just let me know what size.

Big Hugs

barefoot gardener said...

Thanks, ladies!

It's so nice to know that it isn't completely silly to feel down about this loss. I keep thinking that they are going to turn up in some out of the way spot, where I put them "to keep them safe".


Pam, thanks for the offer of sending me some, but I still have two (they were with "works in progress") that are the sizes I use most often, so I should be good. I really appreciate the offer, though, you are such a sweetie!

Fr. Peter Doodes said...

Hope is right, it's the spirit of the hooks that are passed on via you that matters.

It's perhaps like my grandfather's hammer, it has had two replacement head and a new handle but it is still his hammer.

They may be different hooks but the hands that used your grandmothers' hooks now uses those you possess so the spirit has been passed on via you.

String Ya Along said...

Sorry about your loss. This is a beautiful case. If you have pattern you'd be willing to share Id love to make one. Thank you