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Monday, May 24, 2010

I Just Might Give In This Year

Mr. Barefoot and I have had a gentle disagreement going over the issue of air conditioning for.... well, forever.

My official reason for not really wanting A/C is that we live in MN, and the really unbearable hot weather only lasts for a very few weeks in high summer. It is hard to justify the expense of an A/C unit that will only be needed for such a short amount of time. Besides, humans have lived for thousands of years without A/C. Why shouldn't we be able to do the same?

My real reason for not wanting to have it is that I am an A/C addict. I know that if we have one, I will have it cranked from May till September and our electric bill will skyrocket. We had A/C when we lived at the apartments, and I never had the willpower to shut the durn thing off on days that weren't miserable. I just loved that crisp, cool air that came with the touch of a button and a turn of a dial. I swore, when we bought Barefoot Manor, that we would not have any A/C units because of this.

I might be caving in this year, though.

Yesterday, the temps in my corner of the world reached 85 deg F, and it is humid. Swampy-humid. And it is only May. I shudder to think what the rest of the summer is going to be like. I have visions of the Barefoot Family slowly melting into the carpet as the house heats up like a solar oven in late July.

Oh, help.

Now I am envisioning a window unit for the Master Bedroom (the sauna of the house), and one for the living room. The Sprouts would still suffer, but if things get really bad they can always camp out in the living room to stay cool or sleep in the basement where it is never terribly hot.

Or maybe I could just win the lottery and buy a house with central air.


Wendy said...

I'm sorry it's so uncomfortable for you. We're having similar weather here in Maine right now, but as I'm originally from the south, I'm lovin' it ;).

Deb said...

Oh come on now, a 90 degree day just makes you appreciate the evening air a little more!

I have resisted air conditioning so far. I have lived in two houses with central air, and I never really liked it. Except the house in Missouri maybe...

barefoot gardener said...

Wendy- Glad you enjoy the hot weather! I only go down south in the winter, it's the only time I can handle the temps. I am a Northern Gal, born and bred!

Deb- But, but... *whine* I am trying to SLEEP during the day! In the afternoon! In a second floor bedroom that faces West! *whine* LOL I am such a wimp!

Finding Pam said...

I don't know how we survived as children with no ac. We had an attic fan and it was really nice on most days.

Our schools were not air conditioned. I had band first period, followed by PE and stayed soaking wet all day.

I do think it has gotten hotter over the years. We keep lots of fans going inside and a huge fan outside. I put misters on my patio umbrella and with the fans it cuts that western setting sun.

I dread the summer down in east Texas, especially the humidity.
In August the humidity is lower, but the temps are higher. I mostly stay indoors with the ac.