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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Another Productive Day, And I'm Beat!


Ya know, it's never a good thing when you say "I need a shower, I'm gross." and your hubby doesn't even bat an eyelash before responding "Yup".

Today I managed to:

- work a full shift at Job #1

- check out the local garden center

- get the veggie patch planted at Barefoot Manor (I had to weed the beds first),

- plant 7 pots with annuals

- transplant 3 ferns and 3 hosta

- spray Little Sprout with bug spray approximately 8 times

- trim back two trees

- move the brush pile

- feed Little Sprout lunch (kinda)

- chase a rabbit out of the yard

- catch Mighty Cat six times when she escaped the house

- clean up one potty training accident

- change Little Sprout from her clothes to her swimsuit and back about 700 times

- weeded the walkway in the South flower beds

- edge about 80% of the South flower beds with recycled brick

- start supper

- get sunburned.... thank goodness it's just on my arms and face!

- take a much needed and very much enjoyed shower

Pics will probably follow in a day or two, but I want to wait till the projects are finished before taking the pics. I am hoping to finish up the work in the South flower beds tomorrow (please, please), so I might have pics to share then. Right now it looks like a total mess! ;) Gardening is one of those activities where you really do have to make things worse before they can get better, I guess.

I am thinking it was a pretty good day. I always feel better when I accomplish something with my time, and today there is absolutely no doubt that I accomplished most of what I set out to do. The aches all over my body can vouch for that! I do wish that I could have finished the flower bed edging, and started hauling the wood chips that will fill the walkway (I hope I have enough! *crosses fingers*), but I am satisfied with what I did finish.

Just think! In one week I can start posting live from our Very Important Vacation to California! Little Sprout is so excited, she asks to leave "wight now" about a million times a day. Big Sprout is distracted by the excitement of the quickly approaching last day of school, and her very first trip to Valley Fair, so she is not quite so vocal about any excitement over vacation.

I can't wait!!!!


webb said...

Wow! what a day! But don't you feel great for having accomplished so much. Full points on everything but running off the rabbit - that took no work at all! Hope tomorrow goes as well. Send photos.

Finding Pam said...

It is so nice to get so much work done. It never ends. I think you have done a lot of work and I hope you can move tomorrow.LOL!

I await for the photos of your projects.

Alecto said...

ok, you've got me beat hands down! That's just awsome - and it feels great, doesn't it?

Lisa said...

What drugs are you on?? Cuz I need some too!

webb said...

Left you a little something over at my blog. Thanks and enjoy!

flwrjane said...

Dear God, and I thought i could overwork!

Visiting from The Garden Bench. Going to get some more coffee and have a longer stay perusing your blog.