And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair. ~ Kahlil Gibran

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Frantic to Garden


Double Ugh.

It rained all day yesterday, and today is overcast and damp.

I am miserable.


We need the rain, so I am not complaining about that. Much, anyway. I just want so badly to be out in my garden, working away at things. The tulips that grew so well indoors (an accidental experiment in forcing, I guess) now desperately need to be out in the yard. I have hostas growing on my window sill that need a home. Weeds have grown up in my veggie beds that I want pulled before I plant. I have mulch that needs spreading, and a compost pile that needs moving. There are irises and daylilies to transplant, and a plum tree that needs a place to live.

And I can't do any of it.

The soil is wet, and our dirt here at Barefoot Manor is easily compacted already (a situation I am working on fixing with tons of compost, but it's a work in progress) so I am reluctant to mess with it while it is wet. The "experts" keep telling me that disturbing your soil while it is wet destroys the composition, so I will listen to them.... for now.

I look around the house here, and I see so many chores that could be done. The kitchen is a mess (our island counter top is a positive dumping ground!), and laundry needs to be put away. There are piles of magazines and misc junk on the dresser outside our bathroom. There is so much I could be doing, but I don't wanna do any of it.

I wanna dig.

It is windy, so I am hoping that as the day goes on the soil will dry enough for at least some small jobs to be done. I can always hope.

In the meantime, I am trapped indoors with Sprouts who have entirely too much energy for indoor play, yet refuse to go play in wet grass.

I am trying not to scream. Is it working?


Anonymous said...

Welcome to real life motherhood. Wanting to scream is a natural part of the job. Not screaming is also a natural part of the job. You're doing pretty good :-)

Jennifer said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog, I love yours too and am always looking for new gardening blogs to enjoy. I have seedlings all over my window seat desperate to be planted, but it will be at least 2 more weeks before I can plant and even that might be too early. I always seem to jump the gun. Hope it stops raining soon.