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Sunday, December 06, 2009

Simple Pleasure No. 2

Popcorn with real butter.

Seriously, this is probably the single best snack out there in the Universe. The popcorn is dirt cheap, and though the butter tends to be more expensive than margarine, it is worth it to stock up when there are sales on butter so that you can enjoy it's loveliness on warm popcorn straight from the popper. Margarine makes your popcorn soggy, butter doesn't. I don't know the scientific magic involved, but it is true.

Popcorn is truly perfect. It is cheap (like I said), not fattening, crunchy, tasty... I love it. It works for breakfast, lunch, supper, snack time, movie watching, reading a book, playing on the 'puter.... it is an all purpose snack. The only thing is the greasy fingers you get from the butter. A couple of paper towels will fix that right up, though...

I love popcorn!


Anonymous said...

The only way popcorn is no fattening is if it's eaten WITHOUT butter :-)

e4 said...

That's debatable.

A) It's not like you're using the whole stick, and
B) Nutrition science has a bit of a rectal-cranial inversion problem when it comes to telling us what's good for us and what's not.

Wendy said...

Butter isn't fattening. In fact, it's actually much better for you than margarine (which is just vegetable oil with little to no nutritional value - as opposed to butter which contiains several vitamins and trace minerals).

And buttered popcorn is unequaled as the perfect snackfood!

barefoot gardener said...

Ooops! I accidentally started the butter/margarine debate....

Ah, well. My view is: Butter tastes better, and margarine just seems a little "plastic" (over-processed). So I eat butter when I can.

I figure the "experts" can't keep straight what is and is not healthy for us, so I am gonna go with the stuff that has the smallest amount of tampering.

I like the input, though!